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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stephen115, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I was wondering if I could bolt the metal plate (you see in the picture) to the bike than bolt the engine on the plate and though the frame with out it coming undone or moving around?
    the engine is a baron_tool 5.5hp off of a seller on ebay anyone ever had one, if so post your pics.

    here are the pictures tell me what you think of the project.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I bought a chopper much like that one for my oldest son. The plate idea has been going through my head the past few months. I'm not sure at the moment how I'm going to attach the plate, although I'm leaning on wielding it. Since the rear tire is so wide the engine NEEDS to be offset to the left, or have a jackshaft to move the chain to the left. Mounting the engine to the plate, I'm thinking of wielding short tubes and the engine will be mounted like that of a bike frame. The plate being a support for the tubes (and have a perfect angle, I think it is 70 degrees the last time I measured). NO more drilling through tubes for me, I've had them shear in two.
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