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    ok so I got a motored bike and I need a rim but problem is its a beach cruiser can anybody tell me how they converted theyre coaster brake rims to go on a single speed beach cruiser with a motor if so how do you stop cuz I have no rim an nowhere to turn to begin to fix it. the rim I had my tensioner took out the spokes so now im screwed. an it was a coaster brake rim just without the metal pice that sticks out the side that trips the brake I toomk that off and I was fine for 400 miles then my spokes get taken out now im screwd please help!!!:sweatdrop:

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    you NEED THAT ARM. its holds the internal brake member stationary on the axle. remove it and one day it will loosen off and either destroy the wheel bearings and seize, you will crash and die, or go all wobbly, destroy the bearings, collapse, and you will crash and die. been there, done that! :jester: at some point the pedals jam and spit you off as it unexpectedly becomes a "fixie"...

    there is enough space to get the sprocket behind the arm. you may have to bend it slightly. use low profile head bolts... etc. think a bit :) but you need that arm, and it needs to be secured to the frame!

    for a rim...scrapyard, backyard, shop, ebay...anything. count spokes. 36 is standard. you want to find an intact rim that has a hub close to the same size, within a few mm where the spokes mount! look at how its "laced". there are various combinations, radial, cross two, three or four... you will need to copy the existing pattern or find other spokes of the correct length. cross four (even more!) is strongest. radial is weakest.

    there are spoke calculators online, i find its easier and cheaper to stick with what you can find though. spokes alone are about $3 each from a shop here, without the nipple! hence why you match things as close as possible.

    online. if youve never attempted to lace a wheel...theres heaps and heaps of literature, and only practise makes perfect! after a few, you can do em in less than an hour...
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    so I can have a coaster brake rim on my motorbike? I have a 44 tooth stock sprocket. thanks headsmess no one will reply to this an I am lost on what to do
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    it baffles me how I was able to ride that long on that rim without the arm lol
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    i was about 8 when i first started playing with them... took a few YEARS to find out what that arm did. it hurt :) still got the gap to show for it when i grin :dunce: you could get away with it forever if you never really had to stomp on them... but best not to risk it.



    very very close, but they do fit!
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    oh. you "may" have to get the sprocket bored out slightly. maybe. maybe not... a file if you have the patience :)
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    I'm running the Pirate Cycle Hub / Sprocket / trike chain setup, everything clears OK Unsure how to advise rag joint sprocket users, as I'm too old to crash .