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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by GoneGonzo, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. GoneGonzo

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    I have a 50's 26'' Schwin frame that was converted to a mountain bike back in the late 70's before most people even heard of mountain bikes.

    Now I'd like to switch this bicycle back to a standard coaster bike and add a Motor Bike set up on it. Problem ! I don't have any idea what to do. Green as grass.

    I have the skills and tooling being an old hot rodder and fabricator but the know how of what parts etc is what I need.

    What engine ?

    What wheels ?

    Otehr parts needed ?

    Any help or input will be appreciated .

    Gone Gonzo

  2. Mountainman

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    hi Gone G

    wow -- there are many ways to go ------ SO VERY MANY

    why not -- take your time and look around site a little

    many good pictures of MBs

    information like you won't believe

    get an idea of maybe what you are looking for --

    4-stroke ? 2-stroke ? -------- chain drive ? friction drive ?

    Hope that you are up and running soon -- Mountainman
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  3. mralaska

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    Digging around this site will give you lots of ideas. Before you can decide what engine to mount, you need to balance your own priorities and goals. There are so many factors that affect your individual choice including but not limited to cost, ease of assembly, ease of use, aesthetics, availability, personal prejudice, anticipated terrain, and even the climate you pedal in.
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    Great ideas above. Go to the photo's section and flip through a few hundred and it will
    plant a seed in your head. Then come back to your thread and lets narrow it down. terrence
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    Don't do that to an old Schwinn !!
  6. Esteban

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  7. HoughMade

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    Go ahead and do it- if original parts are already gone.

    You say it was converted, but what parts are on there now?

    Also, what are you looking to do with it. What are you after. That determines which engine to go with.