need Huasheng engine carb needle

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    Has anyone had to replace their carb needle yet? My engines carb let fuel leak out and upon inspection, I found the needle tip to be breaking down and in need of replacement. I looked for a Honda replacement, but there are at least 6 Honda carbs available and I have no way to determine which one would fit my carb. What would be even better is to get a Honda carb as I'd guess it would be better constructed. My engine is a Dax Titan brand.


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    Flip your bike upside down.
  3. I have one

    Send me a PM with your address & I'll give you one. I bought a Titan carb from Dax. Used it for parts & I didn't use the needle. It's new. The Honda needles have a pressed on factory set start/stop adjustment so I'll never use the Titan needle. I don't think you could use a Honda needle on your Dax. That is one of the slight differences between the two carbys.
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