Need Info On The "True Catalytic Mufflers" The Black Ones With The Heat Shield

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DJChrisp, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. DJChrisp

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    Okay so I got one of these new catalytic mufflers with my new 68.5cc Slant Head kit. Now after logging about 450 miles on it with a 32 tooth sprocket I would really like to know what exactly is going on in these mufflers? Has anyone dissected one yet? They are not cleanable! I have noted that it has a heat shield on it so it must be getting hotter than previous mufflers. Is it going to clog up or is it getting hot enough inside to self clean? Should I spring for an older cleanable design or something else like a tuner pipe or just keep pluggin' along on the one I have?:gossip:

  2. augidog

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    i've never used a HT with the "cat" pipe...but as a former auto-exhaust mechanic i'll pitch in...a catalyst retains & uses heat as part of the process. my 50:1 tanakas have never clogged or failed because of heat...i'm not sure i'd be happy pumping 25:1 thru one, tho...i can see how that could eventually lead to problems.