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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by adrian101, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Okay so taking off my exhaust today i noticed that the bolt that holds the exhaust to the cylinder jug was just spinning. It has threaded/stripped (whatever you'd like to call it) the cylinder hole completely.

    Now i could re tap the hole and re thread it but it takes to long and basically im not in the mood to do it as i have to work in a few hours.

    I has a spare bolt and was wondering if i throw some JB weld on it and jam the s#cker in there and add extra jb weld would it stick and weld its self together.

    I know the risk of the bolt never coming out but would it work?

    Please let me know if you know the answer to this question!

    Thank you Thank you! :bowdown:

  2. HeadSmess

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    itll hold for 14 days or 27 hours and 32 minutes of operation, whatever comes first :jester:

    the 2nd time indefinitely until youve forgotten about it

    the third time, give up!
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    Can you say Helicoil?

    that is what I did on one of my former engines. You drill out the offending bolt hole with a they slightly larger drill bit and then to tap it with a special tap then insert the helicoil. after that You normally have to brake the little wire you used to insert it and then screw the bolt it in the way it was originally designed. You probably don't need to put quite as much torque on a helicoil than you do on a standard threaded holes and I use a lot of lock tight on them, but other than that, they seem to hold up pretty well.

    On my current engine I don't have any helicoils but I do have two in my rear sprocket mounts. they seem be doing a pretty good job of holding my sprocket onto my six bolt disk mount. I only have about 600 miles on but so far so good.

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  4. gothicguy64

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    if i was u id buy a new barrel . or try
    gasman(penrith) or ezicycles (artamon )

    as for jb weldin dont its plastic bondo id rather weld it an redrill an tap

  5. Big Red

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    Stripped Threads.

    On the chinese engines I think you'll find this happens more than you would like. There are really only two solutions. One of course is to buy a new jug. If you're poor like me ya gotta improvise. I bought the proper size drill bit and the tap to re-thread it. It puts a slightly larger bolt or stud in it but then you are already set up if it happens again elswhere. If it happens again in the same place, Helicoil or new cylinder.
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    why do you say it will hold up for 14 days? Is that its weaken date of use or something?

  7. HeadSmess

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    nah, it just seems to be the longest ive had any epoxied bolt hold up for... :) or did i pull it from my #$ % ?

    ummm... bit of both! :jester:
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