Need links to Get Started With a Hub Motor Setup

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Wammer, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Wammer

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    I've spent a lot of time looking at various sites and then realized I could check into your world. If anybody knows you guys do. Any recomendations for a dependable setup that will do 25 mph and make a 20 mile trip? thanks

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    I'm sure there are some threads here that show what people have built. I don't have the time right now to re-read them to find pertinent ones for you.
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    another way of saying that is: there are only 78 topics in "Electric" at this time...put some tunes on, grab a beverage, & read thru 'em...when you find something that interests you, post a "reply" and bring the discussion back to life :)
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    I apologize for the curt response. The rust on my social skills occasionally shows through. As Augie said, kick back and read. You'll probably find more than just the answer to your question.
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    opinions on electric hub motor?

    I'm about to buy one:

    I'm putting it on an adult trike and going to Burningman
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    budedank, i don't know if your second post in 3 months is meant to be a contribution or a sneaky-link to a vendor. i'm forced to investigate & will edit or delete if necessary...this board belongs to the consumer.

    i think we'd all be more interested in what you have to say after you have one.
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    electric motor

    I'll try and join in and catch the flow. I'm just some guy with two old adult trikes and I'll be adding an electric motor to one of them. I just finished a project and haven't been here for awhile. I was converting an electric golf cart to a gas powered one.

    I've got a few months to get this adult trike ready for burning man. I found that hub motor and wanted feedback, if possible. It looks like there's several out there. I think they are all from china. I have found them on google and on Ebay. It looks pretty simple. I wont post the link again cause I'm a suspect marketeer.
    I hope this post finds it's way to the forum. Give me a chance to get into the flow of things around here.
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    will do, thanks for the clarification...we look forward to your input :)
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    Looks like a fairly good hubmotor with some good extras. Being that I live out in the mountains I'd have to go for a geared hub motor or currie system for more torque on the hills. Heard the gearless hubs dont pull very well from a standstill or up huge inclines.
  10. grndslm

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    NICE website!
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  12. budedank

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    Batteries not included

    I haven't bought mine yet. I was hoping for someone to provide some insight about them. I gather that the battery(s) doesn't come with the one from my link.
    I was hoping that some folks out there had some opinions about the hub motors.
    Are they reliable? Are 3 12v batteries enough? Should I wire up more batteries to get the 36v but have more storage? Is it worth it to get the regenerative(optional) brake?
    I've got an old adult trike that I'm taking to burningman. I want the motor to be on the front wheel. I dont want to take the electric hub motor there because it costs too much to risk getting damaged in those conditions. I'm working on mounting a little 24cc motor from a weed eater.

    Later I will get the electric motor for my dads trike.