Need Local Help With Motorized Bike (Fort Myers Florida)

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    Hey all, its been quite a while since my bike has been disabled, i'll begin with how it started.
    In november of 2013, i had successfully finished the installation of my kit onto my bicycle. I rode it around the block a few times with no trouble, carb was tuned good , and everything was just how its supposed to be. On a ride, i forgot to fill my tank, and I exhausted my fuel about 3 miles away from home, so I pedaled like hell to move the heavy bike. Got home, filled her up, then realized that the engine wont start, turned out to be the fuel filter had disintegrated and clogged the intake of the carb (where the hose connects to e nipple). Did my part of cleaning the carb, then straight to advance auto parts ad got me a nice Briggs and Stratton filter and fuel valve. Put that sucker on with some sort of putty for fuel threading, and boom done. Went to school the next day on the bike (12 miles round trip) , most i went was probably about 70% throttle (give or take). Came home , and when Iwas wheeling the bike into my parking spot, I looked down at my rear wheel by accident, and I was shocked to see that one of the sprocket bolts was bent and the nut was missing. Thank God I arrived home safely and alive. So i went out and bought the bolt and nut, but Iwasnt getting the sprocked true. So I should have made this shorter and Just said, i need to true my sprocket and fix my rear wheel, as 3 spokes werebroken in trying to use the stock tensioner. If there is anyone in the range of Port Charlotte to Naples, I would really appreciate the help as my Acura MDX has sucky gas mileage.

    Thanks and pardon the typing errors