need mid level exhaust and muffler for 4 stroke

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  1. mikeag

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    Hi All

    Doing my first build and I am unsure as to what kind of exhaust/muffler will fit a four stroke motor and a good place to buy one.

    What is the best spark plug to get as well?


  2. KCvale

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    That is kinda like asking what exhaust will fit my car...
    There are many different types.

    What exact engine and what bike is it on?
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    list of things. Thx!

    The engine I am buying ^

    It's the long header and the bracket below it.

    Do you know where I can find a carb that is a step up from the one the engine will come with? I want just an extra smidge of power...doesn't have to be a lot!

    Springer forks. How do I find out the size of the headset on the bike? I am guessing it's a 1" threaded since it's a Huffy. Am I wrong?

    I will be painting the tank red and then putting some kind of black sticker on it. Oh yeah! do you know the length and width of the 2l gas tanks? I need to know what size stickers to buy.
    Thanks a bunch.

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    The basket is will be gone
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    I urge you NOT to motorize the pictured bike....the frames have a tendency to break where the rear rack is welded rear wheels with coaster brakes are very trouble prone
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    Thanks but there is no single sure thing I've found out after 40+ hours of research! The GTA-2 frame cracks others crack an so on. I've already found out how to repair a crack! Could I put a heavy duty clamp where it joins and place a rubber piece over the engine mount to reduce vibration?
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  9. KCvale

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    Great 4-stroke kit, terrible bike choice.
    Look at the X-Large version of the Micargi Pantera.
    ~$240 and though a bit tight a solid bike that is easy to motorize and it holds up.


    It has front and rear V-brakes and the 7-speed makes it easy to pedal help it when needed.
    You just move the rotary shifter to the left side.

    If you have welding ability or a muffler shop close you can fashion a pipe but I usually just run a 2-stoke pipe.
    A long drill bit run through the end will free it up more air flow but you loose the catalyst in it, and I tend to be environmentally friendly.

    The plug you want is an NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium, you can go to the web site or for them.
    Those two things will wake that 49cc HS engine right up ;-}