Need Motor Manufacturer for Clutch Problem

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by newtoro1, May 2, 2011.

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  1. newtoro1

    newtoro1 Guest

    This bike was purchased from a gentleman who is no longer accessible.

    Will someone help me identify the engine (right and left side photos attached) so I can maybe determine the parts needed to fix the drive train?

    I think we have a wll-known clutch problem, but cannot order parts without knowledge of the engine and/or kit.

    Any help will be appreciated as I have not located anyone in the Kansas City area who is willing to repair the bike.

    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

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    PAPAROACH Member

    Made by some dude in China. Man they all look the same and alot of parts are interchangable but not all . Hopefully someone will give you a clue. By the way what is the problem in detail cause no ones going to help if they dont know the problem.
  3. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    The carb is a Wuhan, which is pretty low quality, that could help you identify it. You're going to be looking for a shady company name,

    The motor does not look factory black - I can't see any residual markings for an EPA sticker (real or fake), it's prolly just rattle can.

    On a side note, looks like your throttle cable adjuster off the carb is cross threaded.
  4. newtoro1

    newtoro1 Guest

    PapaRoach said I should provide additional information to get some assistance.

    My gf purchased the bike in November of 2010. It worked great until about mid-March 2011.

    The problem is that at some point, the bike became hard to pedal (with the engine disengaged and not running) and after a while the rear wheel would roll for a little (maybe a rotation or two, but sometimes only a partial rotation) then seaze up -- not roll, then free up and repeat, with no specific pattern or anything.

    We took it to a shop and despite no changes, it rolled well as we took it to another shop :dunce:.

    The second shop tightened the clutch cable (which I understand is a common failed repair). Tested the bike and returned it to us -- free of charge.

    Being a cautious one at this point, I tested the bike :helmet: and it operated flawlessly. After turning it over to gf's son, it failed with the same problem :confused: :sweatdrop: in less than 15 minutes of operation.

    Is something getting hot in the drive train?

    Do we have the common bearing problem? The common clutch activation problem?

    If I knew the manufacturer and model of the engine and drivetrain, maybe I could order the parts and replace them -- this site has some excellent howto instructions and photos.

    Can you help me out? Where are the serial numbers and such on these engines and drivetrain.

    We've got to get the bike going as my gf's son is obsessed with it.
  5. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    Have you ever lubed the clutch and drive gears?
    There are four places that need to be lubed regularly.
    1. Remove the clutch cover add a bean sized blob between the gears.
    2. Use a piece of wire or tape to hold the clutch lever pulled in.
    Remove the tiny screw holding the star screw in position.
    Remove the star adjuster.
    Remove the outer clutch friction disc.
    With a needle tip on a grease gun, or a can of white grease from Wallmart.
    Now carefully spray or lube the 56 tiny bearings behind the clutch.
    Do not contaminate the clutch pads.
    If you do you need to clean them with engine degreaser again cheaply had from Wallmart.
    Replace the clutch disc.
    Screw the the star wheel in reinstall the tiny lock screw reinstall the cover.
    Remove the wire or tape holding the clutch lever to the handlebar.
    The end of the cable should be slightly loose. If not readjust the cable.
    Take it for a test drive .
    Adjust the clutch star wheel or the cable until you like the action of the clutch.

    Let the engine cool.
    3. Remove the clutch cable and sheath from the engine.
    The clutch cable holder is a bolt like thing with a cable end in it.
    Unscrew this .
    Fill the hole with grease.
    This is where the actual clutch spring is located.
    Reinstall the cable end holder.

    4. Remove the cover over the drive chain.
    A short rod and a ball bearing are in the center of the sprocket.
    Remove them.
    Force some grease into the hole.
    Replace the ball bearing , force some more grease into the hole.
    Replace the rod.
    Reinstall the cover.
    Reinstall the clutch cable properly .
    Adjust as necessary.
    Test drive and maybe adjust again.
    What a lot of necessary greasing .
    Like every month or so.
    Maybe only for the rod and pin and the bean sized blob.
    Maybe everything again.
  6. newtoro1

    newtoro1 Guest

    Was Coaster Brake Problem

    My problem was the old coaster brake problem. The give away was that I the initial symptom was that it became hard to pedal.

    If you remove the motor's chain and still cannot pedal, it is probably the coaster brake problem.

    Solution? New rear end and wheel. $58 w/tire mounted.
    Longterm solution? Heavy duty read end.