Need my Brothers,Urgent help needed in NY

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    You guy's know, it's not like me to be void durring Holiday's... This is no joke, although I wish it was... My heart is heavy as I have learned a friend of mine is gone... I learned this on Christmas Eve... I drown in sorrow alone and w/out help or counsel for a long time on this... I need help/advice/protection, in a major way before I come unglued...

    I knew this girl, Amanda Wienckowski, please research...

    She was flat out murdered, her "friend/roomate"(Patterson/ as is our Governor) supposedly brought her to an address in Buffalo for a quote "sexual encounter" and waited 2hrs for her before leaving,"alone" w/o her to return back to thier apartment...

    Garner, the "John" says she was there no more than 10-15 mins....

    Somebody is lieing here guy's and a killer is loose...

    Take my word on my merit, you guy's know me, please read the background of the case in depth... Found out this X-mas Amanda was a girl I knew by nickname in 2006-2007. I did everything I could to keep her from trouble but many of you guy's know what I faced w/ the Plant closing/ my Dad ect... All I can say is despite what you read, she was the most loyal female companion in the way of trust, that a guy could ever find on this Earth... Please help me, I'm cryin right f-----g now... This girl didn't deserve this or the cover-up that's taking place... I wish I would wake up and it was just a dream....

    She left me while she was crying after a stupid comment I made... I know I'm forgiven by her but I waited every corner I turnned for years to see her instantaneous smile and a chance to tell her how sorry I was... I have nobody to turn too except you guy's really... I just don't know what to do? I guess the Feds are involved but that don't garentee an answer either... I know in my heart, this wasn't an O.D. She had too much to look forward to than to push the limits...

    I wasn't going to post any of this.... I walked into the middle of a knife fight in 06 on our city's West Side(between 2 rival "black gangs"), broke it up, and met Amanda right on the spot... She clung to me and followed me away... I feel like I was introduced to her by the hand of God, I'm lucky I made it out alive... I'm just PLEASE ASKING MY BROTHERS TO PRAY... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...

    PM me about this and you will get my full name (if I'm familure w/ your screen name) which will be validated by Scott, Moutainman and Tom. Please pray for her and her family guy's, I don't know what to do when the law refuses to do it's job... You guy's got no idea how upset I am...

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    machiasmort Active Member "After waiting outside the Spring Street house for about two hours, Patterson said, he decided not to wait any longer and drove off. Friends and family never saw Wienckowski alive again." Watch between the 1 and 2 min marks about how long she was there.... TOTAL Inconsistancies!!!

    Any of my Bros. w/ contacts, Buffalo needs to be "ECHO X-rayed and blueprinted" because the Law is failing to do their job...

    Although I don't always agree on everything w/ all of you guys, You know dang well my posts come straight from the heart and are always dang well honest.

    My feelings toward Amanda:

    Those who fail look past her stunning beauty, seeking to justify the result of a hard road with shrewd word, are the same that have trouble facing their own shortcomings. These are the people who are trapped in a physical world believing in only what they can reach and touch or take of it. This is the same world that brought even somebody as special Amanda down.

    Some people walk straight through life and fail to look around and take notice. Regretfully, I know many of them. This wasn’t her.

    Some people are “book smart”, and then there are also some who walk through life and seem to know a little more than the rest. These people cast dumbstruck awe upon those they seek to bestow it, the stuff that can NEVER be learned from a book. This was Amanda!

    Unlike some, (which she never held malice toward), she knew it wasn’t by her doing that she was placed in her beautiful yet heroin addicted body. Knowing her powerlessness in these things, she set forth to work on the one thing she could control. In spite of the physical world that shrouded her in daily anguish, she worked harder than you and I can ever know, (for that old ladies heart), the one her Earthly vessel merely retained. I’ll never forget the little butterfly, who struggled but carried a cross most men couldn’t lift from the floor; consuming her complaint only within herself, she NEVER took this out on others.

    In admiration, appreciation or envy of her physical looks, just wait until we get to where we’re going. Her dazzling brilliance will command on the spot recognition in a place of pure truth, where nothing is ever lost, or to be gained. In a place with no worries for tomorrow, they’ll not be able to turn their heads from you girl, for that which you worked so hard for here.
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    I wouldn’t be half as upset here, and I’m not one to cry on shoulders, but there’s a lot of nonsense going on with this case… There was a camera on the corner where her body was found, (Spring Street), the authorities removed it and act as if it was never there and seek to vilify and discredit my friend???

    There were a lot of strange happenings between myself and her, from the way we met, too the way I found out that it was really her who they found, (a year latter, standing 15ft from the exact spot, where I first met her)...

    I can’t say how much I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and out reach …

    Please keep up the prayers guy's, not for me, but for her and her family...
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    After days of lamentation on my part, I called upon my Brothers for prayer here… We as Christians NEVER pray for bad or misfortune on the part of even the worst opposition to God’s will… We put our trust in God and there is serious power in him.

    A few short hrs. after my initial post, the Buffalo Police Chief collapsed to the ground, it happened in the POLISH part of Buffalo to top it off! LOL!!!

    I laugh because he’s fine, no injuries, stroke or heart attack… Wonder if he got a taste of what it’s like to be embarrassed in Public, like this girl I used to know…

    H. McCarthy Gipson (Police Chief), Byron Brown(Mayor),Frank Sedita(D.A.)
    Have given her family a hard time from the get go… They refused release of records in order to allow the family to exhume Amanda’s remains and get a second autopsy at the families’ expense. Gipson was quoted as saying that they Police have a file on her but no resources to pursue the case. Proof of my claim can be found in researching her name and the case…

    I can’t find video of the actual collapse; I’d love to slow motion it and look for the hand of God knocking sense into him. I pray he has sense to listen and that he be OK.

    The timing was just another coincidence, I’m sure… Please keep it up guy’s, thought you’d enjoy the proof and testament…

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    Hi Mort,

    I am very sad for the loss of your friend but am I coming up with the wrong Amanda when I search? It seems that the "Patterson" involved is not the governor of NY and this murder happened last year. Doesn't take away from the tragedy, but I thought this may have been a recent event.
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    I will pray for you and her family--this is so sad ! I know that God only can give full justice whether now or in the next life--may he have his hand on you--pm me if you want to talk and ill give you my phone number
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    The Patterson referenced is not the Governor but is spelled the same... Just wondering if they are relatives or something or what's going on here? It's obvious somebody (Patterson or the other one) is not telling the truth if you visit the links I supplied. They are both on record, giving conflicting statements.

    Found out THIS X-MAS, Amanda was a girl I knew by nickname in 2006-2007.
    She was found 1/9/09, earlier this year. We became good friends for a little bit 8 mons. or so... We talked about everything under the sun, but not like she lived w/me or something. I said something stupid to her one day and she stormed away while crying... With respect for our friendship, I will only say it was my fault... I never had a chance to say sorry... When they showed the pictures on TV, she looked similar but things just didn't add up and the pictures honestly did no justice to her mannerisms in person. We were both at points in our life where we could use a good friend to talk too... I've spilled my guts real good to you guy's at times, nothing like what she knew about me tho... She could have easily started big trouble, but was by all means a great friend... She didn't even tell me to flip off when she left... That's the way she was, very kind... I offered to open my door to her when I was living out in the Country and having hard times myself... She was scared of withdrawl tho, where would she work and how would she get the chemical her body needed out there?

    I'm not an addict but I'm no angel when you look at my past either tho. I've seen others go thru what she was, just not as bad... Our friendship was only complex to the effect that she was protecting her Parents...

    Nobody wants thier kid addicted, however I give her Parents huge credit... If everbody was as kind, considerate and polite as her, there would be no problems on this Planet... I pass judgement upon myself for not realizing how much she cared for me as a friend (hence her tears)....

    Before anybody's mind goes there, let me just say, nothing happened that God wouldn't have approved of between us. This girl was like a physic counterpart to me... If I didn't make that comment to her, it may have been me she asked for a ride that night... I would have gladly taken that beating for her...
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    I can't give more thanks to my friends here, that have taken time to read this and pray... I've gotten a lot of PM's (had trouble keeping up)... I'm really sorry for posting a story this sad during the Holidays. It will be a long road for me now, I'll get better but never the same... Imagine her Parents, I want so bad to approach them and spill my guts on how wonderful their little girl was, and some of these crazy happenings between us, that can actually be proven in her absence. I don't want to open wounds because there are some things that need to stay between her and myself... She was unbelievably truthful with me on a lot of things.

    Once again, there is a lesson... See my post #4 (this thread), I can't get over what happened, that's quite the coincidence... Nobody needs to be told that there is incredible evil at work on this planet, just look at what happened to my friend... The lesson is what incredible kindness and prayer, (if that's what you call it) can accomplish. That sole event tells me that they'll get to the bottom of this and although I already knew there were some good people here... I didn't realize the connections that I had here...:cool4:

    She knew God very well, and I will testify, she never quit praying... In the series of movies, (Thanks for posting FE), you'll see Amanda's Journal... Watch it!!! You'll have to watch the first movie all the way through before you get the option to see the rest of them. A screen will appear after the first one runs through.

    The embarrassment on our Chief's behalf must be epic... She wouldn't have had it any other way, wouldn't want harm to anybody, probably not even the one's who did that to her... She just couldn't be mean, no matter what the circumstance. Wish I could say the same of myself...

    In 100yrs or so, we'll all be together in one place (just my opinion), you'll get to meet her and see for yourself, who you were pulling for and how right you were in doing so...

    Her Parents have no reason for shame or guilt, unlike the people who hindered and held back the investigation. My whole reason for starting this thread was that something deep inside (that I couldn't ignore), was telling me to do so... Please continue to pray for her and her family...

    I love you guy's and Wish you all the Happiest New Year you'll ever spend on this miserable Planet! Can't say thanks enough... Forever in your debt.
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    God Bless

    I pray that God will keep, guide and comfort you and the others you mention through this most difficult time. Call on Him. Lean on Him. He's never far away. He has the answer and the peace you need.
    God Bless .........
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    This blew my mind...

    I wanted to write and thank everybody for the PM’s and prayer’s that were offered for my friend Amanda and her family. I firmly believe that your collective thoughts have contributed to some impeccable happenings and I pray his hand works in your life the way it has in mine and my friends.

    She’d want me to tell you what happened just yesterday. Today is one year to the day she was found.

    I started my day gathering flowers 3 white roses for “truth in the Matter” and 1 red for the “love of time God gave us”. It goes a little deeper than that but, I’ll leave it there. I made it to the Cemetery with just minutes to spare before the directors house closed. I wanted to clean my friends stone and let the family know that somebody cared, but still remain anonymous to avoid causing them pain or deal w/ uncomfortable question. They’ve been through enough and I knew they’d be there today.

    The ladies in the house were very sad to inform me that the odds of finding a marker in over two feet of snow was impossible. When I pushed a little harder (which I’ve got a history of doing w/ authority figures for Amanda), the lady almost bust into tears and said “Listen, know one knows this Cemetery better than me, I’ve worked here for 14 years.” “I’m telling you, I’d go out there with you, but your just not finding it with the snow” “If you want to leave the flowers, I promise we’ll place them for you”…

    They furbished me with a map that was wholly inaccurate, but at least put me in the ballpark. With less than a half hour of sunlight left, I stood amid a Sea of flat stones, all covered in snow, not knowing which way to turn and too few upright stones to even serve as row markers.

    Depressed at the humbling thought of having to leave the flowers w/ a note at the house, I cried out to the Lord over a mantel of untracked or marked snow. Wallowing in the beauty of my surroundings and unsure if I was even in the right area, I knelt down and took up a handful of snow, not even denting the surface. Letting the flakes sift through my fingers, I almost shed a tear saying in my heart, “Girl you can’t even get up to hide, yet your going to give me one last hard time finding you”.

    Through the feathers of gently falling snow, I heard her laugh saying “Silly”. I followed her calm voice each time I went a little too far in the wrong direction, only turning around three times. Although she knew, I’d shovel the whole cemetery for her, I only needed to clean one and I do mean only 1 spot. MY FRIEND GOT HER FLOWERS!:daisy:

    Being the typical jerk that I am, I had to stay up all night and call the directors house in the morning. I told them the story and the Lady began laughing for joy. When I told her, I don’t think you understand, I’m not calling you with a story but proof… Mine were the only tracks in that section. Go look and you’ll see each time she called me and I turned around! She began crying so hard she couldn’t talk….
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    If your a so called christian what a you doing drugs.
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    I'm sorry but this is a wholly inappropriate comment considering the context of this thread. I would hope you would reconsider your words.
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    Keystone, your arrogance is only out done by your ignorance.

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    Thou doth detest too much. Read hamlit. Why is this on a bicycle forum.
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    Missed it did you? This is the White Zone so it stays off the bike part of the forum.
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    A) I don't do drugs, she had a problem she couldn't escape.
    B) Something tells me that you didn't read the whole story, which I will swear on my very soul is true. If you read the whole story, you might get the impression, I want to see her again?
    C) If she was here to respond to your comment, on her worst day she might have told you to "save your breath to cool your soup". That's if you were lucky enough for her to even pay you her mind.

    Your missing what I'm writting about here. Even the good people get caught up and suffer at times. This girl didn't have a mean thread or nasty bone in her body. Despite what people speak of her, I can't say the same of my own qualities nomatter how hard I try... Your comment make me wonder if you've ever been hugged by somebody of such pure spirit here?

    We made a pact between us, whoever leaves first, gives the other a sign if God would let us... There's no way I can prove it to you's. But it happened right out infront of WIVB on Elmwood one sunny day in my car. I never thought it would be her to have to make up our promise. She so held up to her end...

    Try being nice to everybody you come accross for one day. See how hard it is.
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    He who is without fault cast the first stone---our friend brother asked for help and prayers and that is what he should have --not condemnation.
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    If every body hates me,fine.serve in the military,lose your mother to a car accident and lose your 57 year old sister to cancer. I don't need to hear about god. This amanda your talking about sealed her own fate. Another lost soul.
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    I predict about a week before this one goes MIA. What say guys, should we start a pool.