Need new cylinder studs?

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  1. Pablo

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    To go along with our new head gaskets, SBP is introducing replacement cylinder stud kits. We say get rid of the lousy studs and nasty stripmeister acorn nuts and use real hardware. We supply all the parts in a very convenient kit.

    In M6-1.00, M8-1.00 and M8-1.25

    Simple to ways determine the size you have.
    6mm will be the same as engine mounting studs, M8-1.00 will be larger but will still have the same thread spacing when compared side by side with mount studs. Another simple way is to measure 1 cm and count the threads. 1.00 thread pitch will have 10 threads in that 1 cm, 1.25 thread pitch will have 8 threads.

    I've been riding for almost a year on my M8-1.00 studs, and have run the torque as high as 20 ft/lbs with no issues. Typical recommendation is around 15 ft/lbs on the M8. The M6 is 10-12 ft/lbs in the published materials.

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  2. Pablo

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    Fellows - a word of warning. Use the supplied nuts with these kits. Do NOT try to reuse the acorn nuts. Acorn nuts as the primary threaded device in a torque situation are just a bad idea all around. Something will give if the nut bottoms and you keep rotating. Either the stud will strip or it will crack your case. A lot of engines I've looked at have some threads missing from the studs....due to the lousy acorn nuts. And yes the case may not be threaded all the way down.

    I haven't tried this, but I suppose you could put a decorative acorn on top of the torqued nut and just cinch it against the torqued nut.

    Most folks may not want to get into replacing these studs, but it's really simple and well worth it to get proper locking on your head and cylinder stack.
  3. HoughMade

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    That is good advice. I have (at last count) 35 acorn nuts on the Houghmade '71' and not one is in a torque sensitive place. In fact, most are used as caps on top of regular nuts. As an example, on my sprocket, there are 2 nuts (one standard, one nyloc) before the acorn nut.
  4. Pablo

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    Sounds good - AND I bet you use good acorn nuts anyway!
  5. HoughMade

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    Usually solid stainless.
  6. Pablo

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    That'll work.:jester:
  7. Pablo

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    Just so folks know as there was some ambiguity, our studs are Grade 8.8. I have a bunch of stuff to do today, but sometime soon we'll get some new pictures taken and get the stud kits back on our site.
  8. Pablo

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    And here is the proper link:Stud Kits

    Also we lowered our price to $9.95 as we found a new source of real 8.8 grade material. Check it out. This is a heck of a bargain.

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  9. V 35

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    That's an excellent price, remind newbee's that once the head is off, it's easy to grasp and unscrew studs, do them one at a time, better to
    start out with studs that hold torque, than change out ones that didn't. I also agree, the Acorn nuts are decorative only !
  10. Skyliner70cc

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    I also use 20 ft-lbs on my heads. I haven't had a headgasket leak in years since I've been doing this with upgraded hardware.