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  1. I think I need a rope starter for my "80cc" china girl so I can put the final sprocket on a 3-speed Sturmey -Archer rear wheel tranny sprocket and jackshaft to it from the engine. Since it freewheels on deceleration, I can't peddle-start it. The problem is I know they are made but don't know how to word my search. I suppose if it comes down to it I might be able to graft a starter pulley onto the engine nut but the tiddler isn't worth that much time and effort.
    If successful, it will greatly enhance the takeoff from a stop I really don't worry about top end as I have a couple 1400 cc's and a 650 cc to go fast on.[​IMG]

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    I know Kings or gasbike sells them, but you don't have to have one just because your going to a j shaft to internal hub. The free wheel won't bump start, but it kick starts with the pedals much like a regular motorcycle. The freewheel is free under coast not during the forward action of the pedals. So you get her going with the clutch in then let out the clutch and kick start with the pedals.