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  1. trainwreck hobo

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    In short, I bit off more than I can chew. I got a 5 horse briggs 4 stroke go cart engine. never did four stroke. chain comes put too far past frame. I either need to make a welded wider rear n extend flywheel out or something else. I will post pics of my engine n prob n see If anyone could help me. I want to make this work and if its beyond my skill level. I will pay for advice or someone who knows ways to fix my dilema willing to work om It. I am not doin 2 strokes or hua sheng.Tryin to do a reliable old school bike that can hit 50 to 60 only of coarse If need be for quick pull out power to avoid bein hit. I ride 35 mph max. Thank you for your time and hope to make a friend or two.

  2. CroMagnum

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    I run into the same problem building minibikes. You either need to mount the engine way over to the right, or go back to the gokart shop and get a jackstaft kit. Azusa Engineering makes 'em.
  3. trainwreck hobo

    trainwreck hobo New Member

    Thank you so much. I will check that out. I bought this jem for 50 bucks and never did a four stroke set up before. I just now gotta figure out how to extend pedals. I sure did not want to have to weld a custom frame.I can weld some but tube Isvery finicky to deal with. I welcome any other Ideas and suggesations.
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    Like CroMagnum recommended, locate the engine in the optimum location. Then install the jackshaft to get that straight shot to the sprockets.

    They sell wider cranks, both one-piece and three-pieces.

    Maybe you should search this forum. Someone's done it before, just like how you wanna do yours.:idea: