need some advice in joining the army.

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  1. alright well i signed up for the delayed entry program for the army last summer. i am scheduled to ship out may 27 of this summer. my problem right now is that im in school as well. im about to graduate and i had to drop 3 classes which puts me 3 classes short of my degree. sooo i was thinking at first that i should just leave and come back for my 9 credits....Or just not ship i know for a fact that i cant be penalized for not shipping because i actually havent signed my enlistment contract it was just my DEP one. but what im worried about is this. How hard will it be to sign back up if i decide not to go...becuase i realllly want my degree and i dont want this to be some old business that i have to take care up 3 years down the line then i wont want to. but i do want to go and serve my country, its just whats going to happen if i walk back in after next school semester and say hey i wanna join.....again....


  2. skjjoe

    skjjoe Member

    finish school
  3. lordoflightaz

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    What he said!! You are on a program, you could lose it and then 3 classes becomes 12 classes.
  4. stude13

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    talk to your councelor to see if you can get the credits on line. if so and you sign up let me be the first to say thank you.
  5. RdKryton

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    I'll be the second to thank you for your decision to serve our country. I too think you should finish school first though. Maybe talk to your recruiter too.

  6. thanks guys. does anyone know if its going to be harder to join after i decide not to go the first time?
  7. lordoflightaz

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    Don't know if it will be harder, but I can't imagine them not being happy with taking in a college graduate. Now would be the time to talk with them not just before you are supposed to enlist.

    If the Army has an issue, I think I would try some other branch, Jeez, what am I saying, just go into a Marine Corps recruting office and tell them "I want to be like Chesty Puller during the freezin' season." I'm sure they will manage to hook you up. Oh yeah, don't forget to tell them you want to go to boot camp in Hollywood.
  8. skjjoe

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    ok well the reason I said this is i am 45 I joined the navy in 81 never got my ged or high school diploma now at age 45 i am going back. So what im saying is your already there finish that first, but thank you for wanting to serve. I am proud to have the honor to serve the U.S.A
  9. Esteban

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    THANK YOU for serving our country once, & wanting to go back in. One question I have is, why not go back into the Navy ? [ I am a disabled Vietnam vet, Army ]
    BUT, as others have said, I would suggest finishing school, first. Your school & the recruiter can work out the details.
  10. Mountainman

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    Air Force recruiter ??

    good idea

    also I have seen many switch branches before intering

    point being -- did you look into the Air Force ?

    ride that thing
  11. HoughMade

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    Go talk to the recruiter. They want recruits. More than that, they want recruits who have completed high school (this isn't the '60s). I am pretty sure they can work it out so you can complete the classes and report after.

    Summer school?

    I served in the Army after high school- helped pay for college and I learned a lot. Lessons I use every day. No joke. Many of my friends are career soldiers. It's not an easy life, but it's a good life and a life of meaning.

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  12. skjjoe

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    esteban .Going back to school not the navy they wont take a 45 year old or i might consider it. If i would have stayed in i would have retired by now. Stay in school the army would rather have a grad.
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  13. My daughter is Navy bound in August.
  14. srdavo

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  15. SimpleSimon

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    Thank you, srdavo.
  16. WhizBangAndy

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    Finish School then Enlist

    I have almost 10 years in 2 branches (US Navy for 6 and Air Force for 3.9)
    Finish your degree and THEN check to see what youre options are. Better chances for a higher enlisted starting rank(I started as an E-1 and only made it to an E-5).

    Good Luck and Thank You for your future service!!:tank:
  17. seanhan

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    Hey are you

    Going in as a Officer... 2nd LT ??
    You are talking about collage arent you ????
    Dont go in if you can't be a officer ...
    It sucks to be enlisted,,, I know I did it in the Army for 4 Years !!!!
    Matter of fact Go Air force ... The Army sucks !!!
    Best kept secreat is the Coast Guard .... Thats the ticket high tech stuff and adventure, and you actually get to protect your own Country !!!!!
    Its a new concept !!!!!

    I guess what Iam saying is You can make good money as a officer and get to supervise !!!! Those boys digging Fox Holes !!!! and not get treated like a convict ....

    but forget the Army and the Marines, Quick trip to nowhere.....
    Sorry if I offended any of you Jar Heads !!! SEMPER-FI
  18. Skyliner70cc

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    If you wish to be an officer in the Coast Guard, the only way to go is the coast guard academy....good luck, its tough to get in but not impossible.

    yep, Army sucks and Air Farce is closest thing to being a civilian.
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  19. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I have a good friend who is enlisted Air Force, middle of his second tour, and recently made full sergeant. He is a power plant repair specialist at one of the largest heavy transport bases in the country, as well as being a qualified helicopter engine mechanic. He could make about 3 times as much money on the civilian market, but he likes the AF and plans to do his full 30.

    I also know well several career enlisted army personnel - one who did two tours as a special forces sniper with a lot of time in Afghanistan and Iraq, then re-upped and changed MOS. He is now a medical technician, and really likes what he does. Another has been a lifelong friend - he did his 30 as enlisted straight out of high school, retired after a career in medical administration and hospital management. A year of retirement made him crazy and ended his 27 year marriage, so he joined the Navy. He is now running the hospital operation on a major hospital ship as an officer. the Navy welcomed him with open arms and a huge signing bonus.

    I have been dating a lady who lost her left hand and left foot to an IED in Iraq - her biggest regret is having to medically retire on 100% disability at 14 years in service. A military life has its drawbacks, but along with those are some huge plusses - not least is the satisfaction of service.