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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Spicy McHaggis, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Spicy McHaggis

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    Hey all.

    Okay, so I've been doing a LOT of researching here the past few days.

    I want to build an antique replica motorbike. I really like the Felt 1903 and the Chief. However, I want a real, functioning tank under the top tube...and I don't have the resources to make the one on the bike a real one. I really don't like the small tanks that come with the kits.

    So...are there any other bikes out there that have a look very similar to the 1903 and the Chief (pictured below), but without the fake tank under the top tube? Preferably something with a straight top tube...

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  2. reclaimer

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    Could'nt you just epoxy up the ends of that top tube. Thus creating a tank, not under the bar. Cool thou none the less.

    edit: heck you might not even need any epoxy. those are sweet looking.

    Hmm it seems I did'nt really help you any. Baseman was the first thought I had. Close? No clue where to get one thou.

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  3. Alan

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    If you don't need range, consider a small plastic tank placed inside the fake tank. You will have to cut a hole for the fill up spout. Nice choice by the way.
  4. Spicy McHaggis

    Spicy McHaggis New Member

    That's the problem...I don't want to have to cut into the "fake" tank. That's why I'm lookin' for a similar bike with a straight top tube.
  5. Alan

    Alan Member

    A bike like that could take a small tank somewhere else like below the seat between the tube and rear fender, sprayed black. It won't even be noticed there. Even a 1 liter will get you over 30 miles.
  6. Spicy McHaggis

    Spicy McHaggis New Member

    Hmmmm....very true...very very true...
  7. reclaimer

    reclaimer Guest

    Someone here, has I think a spoiler with the tank hidden in a bag. Pretty neat you've got to look for it.

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  9. ocscully

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    Electra Amsterdam Balloon 8

    Check out the Amsterdam Balloon 8 from Electra Bicycles Click on Men"s Balloon 8 to see a photo. This is a new bike from Electra this year and is made to fit the Schwalbe 2.35 balloon tires. Its on the pricey side at $660.00 suggested retail, but I think would make a great motored bike

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  10. reclaimer

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  11. Spicy McHaggis

    Spicy McHaggis New Member

    Very cool, thanks guys.

    If I could find an old brass-type tank, that would complete the look...

  12. Alan

    Alan Member

    I've been searching for one of those too! If you locate a source, please let me know.
    I have a small brass barrel type tank from an old camping stove, but it's too small.
    Some of the antique mowers have a cylinder type tank. Try a mower junkyard.
  13. Irish John

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    Why not try this

    You can put a tank in a few places on this Schwinn but the best place is on the top bar so you can have a rack & paniers etc. on the back. The Felts are nice bikes but they have coaster brakes or hub gears that won't take a sprocket wheel. The Felt MP comes with front & rear racks and a big saddle but has no front suspension and a front dynamo hub.

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