need some help for a panama jack build..

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    I dont think I put enough space in between the sprocket and spokes of the wheel? can some one who has done panama jack build post pictures zooming in to the axle? To show how many rubber spacers and if not metal spacers are there? My chain is also rubbing on my fender because of this.... I already did a search and cant find any pictures that are zoomed in to it...

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    If the rear wheel sprocket is perfectly in line with the drive sprocket on the engine, the spacing is correct. If your rear sprocket is dished try installing it with the convex side towards the spokes and then away from the spokes. One way will align with the front drive sprocket better than the other. This alignment is very important. If not aligned properly the chain will jump off. I had to make a new rag joint donut from some .25" sheet neoprene rubber because the kit's rag joint was too thick between the rear sprocket and spokes.

    You may not like this but cutting or bending the rear fender to clear the chain is usually required.
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    Go to DAXs site he has nice pics on how to install that.
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    what website IDK where to look... now the tire doesnt having all sorts of problems
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    Reply to Panama Jack build

    I just finished one of these bikes with an 80cc kit .....This is the way I did it....The 2 rubber bushings that come with the kit are all you goes inside the spokes and one on the outside of the spokes...the sprocket goes on with the sprocket dished in...making the teeth farther away from the will have to cut off at least part of the fender to clear the chain...also I had to add 3 or 4 metal washers to the axle in order for the chain not to rub the frame....
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    Get that build done already...

    w want to see pictures of it
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    Help with Panama Jack cruiser

    Did you ever put your bike together? I just bought a Huffy Panama Jack cruiser and having all sort of problems between mounting the sproket and engine????
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    Just completed a build (1st one!!) on the same bike. The inner diameter of the rear sprocket needed to be widened out with the handy dremel before mounting, to get it to fit over the coaster brake dust cap, but gave me no other troubles. In my experience even when your sprocket is mounted flush, true, and center, you'll still have problems with the chain rubbing your fender. What I did war remove the fender and cut it just below the top mount with a grinder and (if you're lucky and your misses has nail-polish in every color like mine) touch up the bare metal with something similarly colored to help aesthetics and prevent rust. This way you can still keep (most of) your rear fender and bye-bye loud, annoying chain rub.

    Also, not trying to hijack the thread or anything, but does anyone happen to know the diameter of the rear hub?? Or which Manic Mechanics sprocket adapter fits it? I'm trying to ditch the rag joint but can't find this vital info anywhere. Thanks

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    will try to get a pic tomorrow - as said, you'll need to open out the hole on the rear sprocket a bit for the dust cap to turn in there (you'll pack that bearing with sand & road grit if you don't)

    a bit of a bend is needed in the brake arm to clear bolt heads of the sprocket

    for the fender, you can cut it as mentioned or I use an old brake disk from my car as a curved dolly to hammer in the side of the fender a bit to clear chain

    I also lower the pedal side chain guard a bit to allow the motor to sit as low as possible.

    I add 2 caliper brakes so that the coaster doesn't have to be used.
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    sorry, got pics, but this board crashes my browser when I try to upload - suspect same script error that has been crashing me out for last few days whenever I open more than two windows here ; (