need some help on NIB Schwinn Electric Stingray

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    I bought this Schwinn Electric Stingray new in the box.

    Need some help putting it together as I know from the past, i might get over my head.:ack2::ack2::ack2:

    Do you know anyone near San Clemente South Orange County California who could come over and put this together.

    I would like to put on ape handlebars and move the throttle over. The throttle has three lights indicating the charge.

    any suggestions like what size or where to buy handlebars and what size new seat post since it looks like small for me and stuff I should do is appreciated.

    I charged it a week ago, but today I turned the throttle and didn't get a noise.

    David :ack2:

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  2. Porkchop

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    Sporry, I can't help. But I'm curious. Is that bike a new old stock, or is Schwinn producing them again. If it's a NOS bike, they were pretty rare and expensive compared to other OCC Choppers. Good luck. Cool looking bikes !
  3. newzealand

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    What did I buy????

    It is a new old stock schwinn electric stingray. Not made anymore as far as i know. I do not know if the company is still around.

    A nice couple outside Oklahoma City had it in their garage. Seemed legit so I sent him 300 dollars and my fed ex ground account number.

    weighs over 100 pounds and the box was big so it cost 97 dollars shipping.

    The company that put this out put a lot of American designing into it. It was packed with foam and each piece of foam was wrapped in bubble wrap and taped. It came with an instruction manual, like 50 pages long.

    The seat has an auto release, and the engine is removable also. Stuff our Chinese brothers would not do unless somebody took a lot of time to q.c. it.

    Got a electric because I didnt want to get hassled by the local sheriff. That said, I have a paint ball gun in the closet that looks like a real ak-47. Sort would like to mount it on the back since i don:t use it.

    re your comment about a live chicken is better than a dead duck, i got two chicken wisdoms... A chicken cannot be great

    and does a chicken have lips?????

    Best regards,
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    Does the electrics click when you first click on the main switch. It's possible that the wires running from the throttle to the controller came unhooked or were unhooked during shipment. or were damaged during shipment, also other connections may need to be checked. The throttle is usually not that hard to move. Usually a small Allen key to turn a set screw will get it freed up. may be a phillips head screw as well. I hope you can get everything sorted out because it looks like a very nice bike. I tried googling the bike but all i came up with was electric guitars.
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    help on NIB Schwinn Electric stingray

    David I have an occ chopper I'm still working on. You can find ape hangers from Niagra Cycle Works. They are 7/8" diameter. If your bike has the same chopper seat as the OCC's the seat post is 31.8mm diameter. I got a seat from Rusty Riders LLC, called a Solo seat for a Harley Sportster, fits my fat old behind better than the original seat did. Be careful with the seat post, many guys get a leaned back post and a bushing to bring it up to 31.8. These will split the seat tube. You need to keep the post as low into the seat tube as you can, it's marked on the post as maximum height. I used a 3/4" diameter pipe with a shim made of aluminum flashing (home depot) to make my post taller and worked the seat back and added support struts down to holes in the frame that were already there. Makes a good solid seat. That 31.8 diameter post is an odd size, you won't find seats with that post fitting. ChoppersUS has some stuff for the OCC's as well. I added front caliper brakes as I didn't trust the rear rim brake to be adequate with the engine.
    The electric I can't help with. Hope the rest of the info helps a bit.
  6. Neon

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    For more help with the electric you could try the electric section of this forum. Or you could try the Endless Sphere forums. Although Endless sphere is pretty brutal on Newbies and people with prefabed bikes. They just don't seem to like either one.
  7. newzealand

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    I wont go to the endless sphere forum because....

    The endless spheres Seems a little snobby. I already got kicked out of the Ferrari forum. They put a picture of some guy who bought a pontiac fiero and put on a ferrari kit over it. Admittedly it was not a ferrari but the forum was brutal on him.

    So I wrote, "you shouldn:t find your identity from just some rubber and metal"
    and immediately got kicked out of the forum. Must of hit a nerve.

    Does a chicken have lips?
    Psst, Humpty Dumpty got pushed, pass it on.

    Thanks for the tips Neon and Arkive, and Porkchop. Any more advice welcome1
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