Need some help. Out of ideas.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Diabloman, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Okay so. Was riding along. Engines been great so far. Had for while. Just moved it a bit for better seating on frame and leveling the carb a bit more. Mid throttle flatground. And it quits. Check my wires. Check killswitch, spark plug, coil looks good. Changed spark plug to be sure. Changed idle a bit. Both directions. Tried choke. No choke. Clutch is fine. We have gas going to carb. And at least enough to try to sputter a start. [Its got a blue 2 stroke oil. Just to be sure] tried a few more. Each ending with fair speed. Sputters. And an attempt to throttle a little. And it dies out to a stop. Or dies out immediately if the clutch get pulled. Not sure. Nothings loose. Unless internal. Granted after a shorter manifold few days ago caused me to level the carb from the stock offset manifold. Ive got a bit more vibrations going on. Will have to double check in daylight to be sure. But any ideas?

  2. Check for airleaks. I know its hard qjem it's not running But that's where I would start.
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    Okay. Turns out electrical. Weak spark. Fixed all that. Checked for leaks and there arent any. But everytime i start and goto pull the clutch it tries to rev all the way up. Even with idle screw set as low as i can. If choked it idles well but dies with throttle.
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    that means an air leak - probably right where carb fits on
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    Was the screw that holds my carb on the manifold. The spot for it to tighten was stripped a bit and preventing a good hold. Replaced and we're happy and the motors happy. Appreciate the help guys.
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    glad you got it working
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    Getting pretty good at tearing these apart and putting em back in better shape. Heh
  8. Sometimes its So simple And its rite in front of you. Its nice to have people like this to keep you sharp and learn from..
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    Once I had the worse air leak I mean worst, I tried everything, tightening everything, putting rtv. On every last hole and nook and cranny, engine just kept reving out of control.

    I tried different carbs, and intakes, i basically removed the idle screw, I richened the jet to make up for it and it wouldn't stop reving and it pissed me off for almost a week and then in the middle of an intersection I looked at my throttle body and the adjustment screw got loose and was way out, effectively acting like I had the engine at almost half wide open throttle...

    Well that was certainly a learning g experience, almost drove myself off a bridge after I realized it was never an air leak after all.