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    It's Friday night, and just 3 hours ago I found out Staton sent two Honda 35cc's instead of the Robin/Subarus I ordered. Dave said it was a shipping error, but that the Honda's cost more.

    My customers Worksman Trikes arrive mid-week, and I have to make a decision. I've had no dealings with a Honda for over 8 years, but I had a pressure washer that cranked EVERY TIME for years and years.

    Any Honda input would be appreciated, we have to make a "ship it back" decision quick.


  2. OldPete

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    Staton's site shows the Honda 35cc costing $40 less than the R/S 35cc.

    The R/S is made in Japan, has a cast iron bore and has a built-in-cam compression release for easy pull starting. It also has its torque come on at a slightly lower rpm than the Honda.

    The Honda is produced in Thailand, has a less durable chrome bore(grit damage), has no compression release but, iirc, can operate in more unusual positions for a longer time than the R/S.

    I think the R/S is slightly smaller in size.
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    In 1982, I bought a new, left over from 1981, Honda cb650 custom. sweet a year & a 1/2 I never put a wrench on it! I took it to the local Honda shop for oil changes.
    in 1972, I rode the carp out of a 1971 honda sl100. this thing was still running, with chunk out of the piston....very smoky!!
    Earlier that year, Dad bought me a 1965 Honda 50. I wish I still had that one. (I tore it up, too :()

    my point...I don't think you can go wrong with a Honda. powerwise, I don't know how they stack up....but dependability is there.

    I'm eager for the start of your trike builds.
  4. bamabikeguy

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    Thanks Pete-

    I'm getting slightly irked. I told him vendor-customer communication was VERY important, especially since we the customers now can share insights...

    The shipping sure took a LOOOONG time, when I sent a certified check, which should be a signal of trust.
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    The ease of cranking and torque were the two things that attacted me to the R/Subaru, and I clearly expressed to Staton that these were "test trikes", with a strong possibilty for an expanded program operated by a charity.

    I just feel the vendors should take a little more seriously, and not get off on the wrong foot on the very first order.

    Kind of a rant, but I hate Friday surprises. Pete's pricing info and cylinder insight is enough to get my blood pressure rising.
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    I studied both these motors before going with the R/S.
    The Honda does have an OHC and removable cylinder head. The R/S is a push rod engine with a very effective for lean burn with strong mid-range Heron head design. Push rod geometry is at dead 90 degrees and this is good for smooth valve operation w/o wear. The R/S' head is cast with the block...there is no head gasket to ever leak and no oil feed to weep going to the OHC.

    I was not attacking Honda's engines, they did not get to where they are today by building junk.
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    I'm planning on getting another motor in the next couple of months for my trike. I was planning on watching/copying aspects of your build. David should be made aware that my final decision will be HEAVILY influenced by how your situation is resolved.
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    Van, e-mail me bama_bikeguy at yahoo, I'll give you some insight. Don't think the p**tcensor will allow my "reflection of the situation".

    I think, with LocoWelders/srdave/Tecumsehs and other guidance, we could accomplish the SAME non-patented system for trikes.
  9. Alaskavan

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    It seems to me that the main draw of the Staton gear and chain drive is the reduction box. I think maybe I'll look into the gear reduction systems at Visa Motors. A guy named Dan Hunter posted a pic of his build using one in his intro. It doesn't show detail of the reduction gear, but a guy who builds that clean may use good components. I'll see if I can't get him to give us some detail.