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    Okay a lot of people in this 2 stroke engine forum talk about there engine 4 stroking what does that mean? Second question I have a shy hawk 48cc engine with cns carb it run good but plug is always black like it's running rich,I have a new nkg plug b6hs and new wire and cap.I also changed the the e clip on the needle in carb up all the way,still no luck adjusted the float and checked the jets.The only other thing haven't really messed with is the air mixture or Idle screws it sounds good and idles good would that change the how the plug reads.

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    when a 2 stroke 4 strokes, it's getting too much fuel and not enough air.
    it's like running a warm engine with the choke will not make much power.
    watch this video and you'll understand what's going on.
    even tho this is a small motorcycle, it doesn't matter, it's still a 2 stroke.
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    thanks motor I'm with you now.