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  1. BeachBruiser

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    Does anyone know where I could obtain a replacement chain for my 80cc Power King? I think I had the master link clip facing the wrong direction and it popped off. Also, I think I had the chain cut too short. It was way too tight for the bike. If anyone could provide a link I'd be much obliged. Thanks.:jester:

  2. srdavo

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    ya know, I read somewhere, a little Black Velvet might fix your chain.... that & a set of wood bits. Might even help with your clutch problems too.
  3. :devil: Youre the man Dave........... :devil:

    I would replace the chain with #41 chain about $15. avail. at most small engine shops, Ace, Tractor Supply Co. Etc.
    I have about 750 miles on mine with noooooo problems.......
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  4. BeachBruiser

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    Clutch problem is solved. Wood bits and Black Velvet jokes were supposed to make you laugh. Sorry if you didn't.

    Thanks for the helpful suggestion Mr. Right. #41 are you sure?
  5. srdavo

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    Yeah......I was joking, too. :devilish:
    I used your jokes back at ya....& you see, now...they really weren't that funny!!!
  6. Yep #41 chain. Or as Bush would say absotively.......