Need Technical assistatnce with 49cc 4 stroke kit.

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    I'm new to this forum. I just bought a 49cc 4 cycle kit (not a Grubee) but rather a cheaper (Chinese?) one from Gasbike. The online instructions that come with it say I should use a Schwinn Jaguar frame so I got a Scwhinn
    Legacy which seems about identical in every respect (same frame at least). The instructions (which are about as clear as mud in this particular point) say something about having to replace a bolt in the clutch assembly in the gearbox with something other than came installed from the factory but these instructions are for a manual clutch whereas the motor I have is centrifugal clutch. There doesn't seem to be any spare bolt supplied with the kit but then again the instructions also say that a wide pedal crank is supposed to be included with the kit but it wasn't so I ordered one from a different supplier for another $29.95 + shipping. Are these instructions just blowing smoke at me or does anybody know if I have to worry about this clutch bolt? Any in the know information would be most welcome.
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