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    So I bought this cool Whizzer, now my neighbor wants me to build him a motorbike. I buy and build it, he will store my Corvette for the winter. I say he's missing all the fun.
    Question is what should I buy? He needs one that won't go to fast, maybe 20 mph but is relatively maintenance free. So what do you guys out there think?

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    Any Japanese brand. 2 or 4 stroke. As long as it's Japanese, not Chinese !!! I'd also get the largest cc engine I could. I have a Honda 35cc 4 stroke and a Chinese 50cc 2 stroke. No comparison. My 50cc, although it's China made, is far superior on power and top speed. As far as your friend wanting something that doesn't go to fast, I have a car that will do 150 mph easily, but that doesn't mean I have to give it full throttle every time I drive it. Very nice looking Whizzer you've got there !
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    In MY opinion, for overall durability, ease of building , assembling to bike, repairing , easiest to remove to repair the bike , [ such as a flat tire ] , a friction drive is the best. Yes, there are some cons, but there are on any motorized bike kit. A good quality engine , 35cc., or so, will move most all bikes & riders up to 20 mph. That is as fast as I ever ride. Friction drives are all I ride. One thing with any kit is, the weight of the bike & rider needs to be considered. I weigh #170 & a good kit , with semi-slick tires on a good bike will get up to that speed & get great mpg.
    You can get a good friction drive kit for around $300 - $400.
    Here is the forum with tons of info.
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