Clutch Need to clean clutch. Help please!

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by kennessey, Jul 4, 2012.

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    Help. I tried pedaling to start by GB today and when I let the clutch out it didn't turn over the motor. Can someone give me rundown of the steps necessary for cleaning my clutch. I took out the bolts that hold the outer casing of the gearbox and I am looking at two gears. A big one and a small one and what I presume is the clutch (maybe the outer clutch plate) in the inner portion of the bigger gear. It looks like in order to do anything I need a special keyed tool to remove this weird looking nut and considering I can't remove this very strange flower looking nut I have no idea what lies underneath. Also, when I took of the aforementioned outer casing there was some thick black oil/sludge in there. Not too much, just enough to touch the bottom of the gears. It was nasty as **** though and looked like it had been collecting grime for some time. Is this most likely the culprit for the slipping clutch or is there supposed to be a small amount of oil type lubricant in there. Last, once I clean out this grime what type and how much lubricant should I replace it with? SORRY FOR THE BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS any help would be very appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance and Happy 4th of july.

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    On the general discussion forum, go thru the sticky's, that is covered there with videos to walk you thru clutch tear down. Think it's listed as Instructional Videos
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    Thanks Tom. I knew it would be in here somewhere, unfortunately I'm still learning the intricacies of navigating the forum.

    Real quick, any idea where can I get a wrench to remove the flower nut on the outside of the clutch plate? I put my Grubbee Skyhawk together about 2 years ago and if the kit came with one I don't have it anymore.

    Thanks again!!
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    You don't need a tool to remove the flower nut, just remove the small screw that keeps it locked in place, then sqeeze the cluch lever, releasing the pressure. The flower nut should then be loose enough to turn with your finger. If you choose to remove the clutch gear, you will need a gear puller, which is supplied in some kits and not in others. They are available through most of the sponsers on this forum. If it was me, I would leave it in place, only pulling the clutch plate. You now will have access to the pads. Pull them all and clean em well. this should fix your problem. The main problem with these clutch setups is the way they are lubed. I am currently working on an improved clutch gear, which will be self-lubricating and will eliminate contamination of the pads.
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    Take off the outer cover to the clutch to expose the 2 gears, pull in the clutch to expand clutch disc, then spray a whole can of cheap brake cleaner, spraycan, in and around the clutch area.the black stuff you mentioned may have come from the sealed bearings behind the gears, as I have seen them sweat a little oil on some engines. good luck.
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    To do the job correctly, remove the small machine bolt that keeps the flower nut in place, remove the flower nut, remove the flywheel and spring, clean area with break cleaner, and repack the bearings in the clutch. Wipe off any extra grease and clean flywheel.I use a syringe to make it easier.

    Blue arrow shows where to grease....[​IMG]
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    Thanks. Did all the above and I am back in business.
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    Thanks for the information and the picture. I did not remove the gear as I don't have a gear puller but I was able to do everything else and as far as I can tell I am good to go. The pads were in real bad shape, probably due to the fact thats my GB's 2 years old and i've never cleaned or lubed anything. Yikes! I'm pretty sure the debris in the gear casing was tiny bits of clutch pads that had worn off. Regardless, I flipped them all around after a good cleaning and the clutch is grabbing nicely again. I had to make a small adjustment to the flower nut (tighten) because my clutch was engaging much too late but another half turn on the flower nut and it was a new machine.