Need to reduce your electric usage???

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    Here's an idea that is in use (industrially) all over the world, but has rarely been done residentially until recently - power factor correction.

    Electric motors are an inductive load, which causes the AC voltage waveform to 'lead' the AC current waveform. The voltage and current are out of phase with each other. The net effect; the electric company has to supply more power than your motors are actually consuming. And, of course, you foot the bill.

    While large capacitor banks, which adjust the additional capacitance needed to 'cancel out' the inductive load, have been in use in industry for many years, they are much too costlyto install on your house. In fact, the Power companies install similar capacitors themselves, on electrical poles, to help reduce the power (and thus, the required wiring infrastructure) up to that point. However, a couple of companies have come out with small, residential units with fixed capacitance, that will reduce electrical consumption between 8 and 25 percent. The cost of these things can be less than $100. (One outfit in the Phoenix area is charging $500, installed. But, with a cost of less than a hundred bucks, and a half hour to install them, they're making a killing!) If you have some electrical knowledge, you can easily install one of these units. Across the south, where A/C electrical usage is very high, these things can pay for themselves in a month or two.

    Here's the links to both places...

    Safewire Energy - $500 installed

    Electric $aver - $97, you install

    The Phoenix Fox affiliate ran a piece about the Safewire system, and even at $500, they endorsed it as a way to substantially reduce electrical usage.

    The handy thing about these units are that they will reduce your power bill, and you don't have to make a lifestyle change to get it.
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    I've got some other money saving tips for you. When you go in to a room, cut the light ON. When you leave the room, cut the light OFF. I've been doing this for 50 years or so.
    Also for the past 10 years. I have a electric water heater in my house. I turn it ON for 15 minutes each morning during the summer, than turn it OFF. I have enough hot water for a 10 minute shower each morning, and each evening. It takes a 30 minute ON - Off cycle during the winter.
    I run the whole house A/C during the day, than cut it off at night and use a bedroom window A/C to sleep (100+ degrees for the last 4 days here) and it works great.
    This has kept my electric bill at $59.00 a month on the budget plan for the last 10 years.
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    The new LED bulbs are more energy efficient that the compact fluorescent bulbs.
    Blankets are cheaper that heaters.
    During very hot summer nights, if you don't have unwanted critters running amok in your house, put your mattress on the floor. It is much cooler down there.

    Trees to shade your house on the south side help keep your house cooler. (Only if you live north of the equator. If you live south of the equator, plant the trees on the north side of your house.)
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    get a big fat woman and a dog to sleep with in the winter..sleep by yourself on the couch in the summer
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    I all ready have both and no, I do not sleep by myself on the couch in the summer.
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    Oh dear!

    Power Factor Correction does NOTHING to the meter reading. Consumer bills are based on REAL POWER - phase shift is not considered. PFC is nice for the power company, since it helps reduce their distribution losses, but they dont charge... YOU.

    If you are a large industrial user, then yes, you do get penalised for poor PF.

    Its just a marketing scam for gullible morons.
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    Thank you heath!
  8. My electric is free, and i still sleep on the couch.