Need to sell Bike, how much should I ask for?

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    Hi all,

    I put together a friction driven motorized bicycle a couple of years ago, and never once used it (bicycle itself had maybe 30-45 minutes of use prior kit install - basicly new). I've never even started it, put gas in it, or anything. Now I need the space, and I have no idea what to ask for this thing lol. I know I'll never see what I have into it, which is probably around $1000 or so. I fully expect a big loss.

    Putting it together, i was very attentive to detail and did my best to research every part that went into it. The bike itself it an 05' Specialized hardrock sport in XL. I dont recall the name of the vendor I got the kit from, but i think his name was david and from texas? I used extra heavy duty thorn resistant tubes, new schwalbe big apple tires, suspension seatpost and seat, kawasaki motorcycle cut-off switch, and some things I can't remember at this time lol. Here are some pics. It's never been started or even around gasoline. Just sitting in a spare bedroom. Whats a fair price to ask for this thing? Im in Florida. Thanks for any help! :cool2:

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    Hold out as longas you can

    I dont know right off, but I think the bike is n expensive brand. The tire roller engines go for about 350 to 500. If you're not in a hurry to sell it you'll get a better price on it. Visit your local college around the beginning of the semester(when the grants come in) to generate a sale. Kids love these things!
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    Thats a very nice bike, I would say $700 - $1000 depending on how much the bike originally went for. The engine setup you have is one of the best and shouldn't depreciate much... and everything looks brand new in the pics. Why would you want to get rid of that??? Ride it once and I promise you will love it... how do you build something like that and then dont ride it at least once???

    If you haven't ridden it at all I would sell it for no less than $900 unless you just have to get rid of it now... put some ads up around your local high schools and colleges. Heck, if you were close by and I had $900 I would swoop that up right now... that is exactly like the one I want to build.
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    Thats a very nice bike, I would say $700 - $1000 depending on how much the bike origi

    Thats just about the price range that I was thinking of.
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    Thanks guys i appreciate it! :grin5: