Need to shorten/lengthen your throttle cable?

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    Here's a good method.

    Use two cables. One is attached to the throttle slide, the other is attached to the throttle handle. Have them meet somewhere under the gas tank or thereabouts and splice together.

    (An advantage; installing to the throttle slide is now easier since you can do it with plenty of slack in the cable)

    Throttle cable 02.jpg

    Here's a close-up of the splice itself. Simple; just two steel plates bolted together. Slip the two cable ends into it and tighten.

    Throttle cable close-up.jpg

    This also allows you to easily use something other than the stock throttle grip. I used a thumb shifter at first. But I found that uncomfortable. So now my throttle grip is a twist shifter with the little 'ratchet' removed.

    Works great.
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    There are also cable stop adapters, if you DO have cable stops in the right place but they are already being used for other cables. These allow two cables to be run from the same frame lug (cable stop). Odyssey London Mod is the one that's actually meant for this.
    London Mod.jpg
    or you can bolt to an existing hole on your frame, perhaps a bottle mount and run two cables from there, with screw adjusters to take up slack and get the perfect amount of tension.

    and also there may be a neater cable-joining component, perhaps something similar to the Knarp (cable end protector/shortener), perhaps a modified knarp, knarp made from a piece of an old aluminium (or magnesium for lightness! hehe) pedal body (using the part where a pin screws in), or best of all the 34R Knarp which has a set screw at each end, so with a little widening of the hole could take two cables easily and clamp from both sides. Sold in pairs so would be very secure.
    34R Knarps.jpg
    Or you could just use the main cable stop nut and drilled-through bolt thing from a centre-pull brake; though your solution is perfectly functional of course. :)

    I have been thinking along the same lines, about using other than the stock twist throttle.. maybe an index finger throttle made from a modified BMX brake lever as I am a middle finger braker so I don't think I'd mind holding the throttle open with that finger.
    What is the length of cable pull needed to operate the slide? Is it the same on all carb types commonly in use? i.e. NT, NT Speed, Mikuni, Wallbro-style..

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