Need welding on broken frame

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  1. Mr.Dupree

    Mr.Dupree New Member

    looking for a welder for broken frame im in new york city the bronx and need a spot where someone can weld my iron frame because everywhere i got they only fix cars or just want way to much bread im kinda hurtin these days when it comes to cash i dont mind spending $50 to $60 is that enough or not enough?

  2. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Head on over to Hunts Point... a ton of truck repair shops over there with many an experienced welder who would be more then happy to earn a fifty spot for 10 minutes of work!
  3. Mr.Dupree

    Mr.Dupree New Member

    Thanks a lot my DOG will do soon as I get fifty to spare. I know I am nuts but Ive been riding it with broken frame at no more than 3/4 throttle.Holding frame together with four heavy duty hose clamps until i get the money.
  4. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Just wondering...where is the frame cracked/broken, at a joint (pre welded area) of somewhere else?
  5. Mr.Dupree

    Mr.Dupree New Member

    Regarding broken frame

    To AL.Fisherman the frame is broken in two spots that has never been welded yet. If you go to photo bucket you can see the two front down tubes that I have on my bike in which I had to adapt a custom made front motor mount for.They are both broken. I still have been riding it with heavy duty hose clamps holding it together.I will put new pictures of my broken frame on photobucket because I still cant seem to put the pictures in the forum.
  6. fattirejack

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    Tweco has come out with a new welder line. 3 in 1 Fabricator does mig tig and stick. 141i is 110volt,181i is 240 volt,211i is dual voltage 120/240 great machines. I have the 211i recommend them to any diy welders.