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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by pedal pusher, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. pedal pusher

    pedal pusher New Member

    What should I put on this bike?

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  2. mickey

    mickey Guest

    With that classic frame, a china 2-stroke would fit right in.
  3. I agree with Mickey. A Chinese 2-stroke would be an easy fit, plus it will look great with the springer forks. Now you just need to decide if you want to go with a 48cc or 70cc engine.

    Best of luck!
  4. Try to get another brake on there,though. Pic too small. Any way a front brake can go on?
    That looks like a sweet bike. I bet you payed a bit for it.
  5. pedal pusher

    pedal pusher New Member

    Tanks for the input. Im gonna try the shimono/nexus roller brake on the front and use the coaster on the rear. As for the engine, 70/80cc is for me! I do alot of drag racing here in Detroit and bigger is better.
  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    What is your budget?
  7. pedal pusher

    pedal pusher New Member

    Budget? Well Im upside down in this bike as it is sooo....I have spent about 7 or 800 on it. Its a (06) Schwinn cruiser SSX and then I changed out a bunch of parts with some NOS Schwinn stuff. My pic is way too small to see some of the detail but it has alot of "I WANT" parts that Schwinn guys look for. Im a lil warped, I go way tooooo far on my projects,but heh, why not? The two rims (hoops only) are Sun Double wides,$160 for 2, the tires are Maxxis Holy Rollers,$70, but like they say "ya git what ya pay for". So ta answer your question, Not sure. Im thinkin when all said and done,$500 for engine kit, sprocket(36or40 tooth)HIPO pipe and a Hipo carb w/K&N performance filter. I can port and polish/ mill the head in my shop. and wiseco will make a piston for anythin. I just need to get the right kit for a good platform to build on. You guys know the good ones so please..........INPUT/DATA. Thanx
  8. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I have NOTHING against Chinese 2-strokes...infact i love my little HT and have refused a number of purchase offers.....BUT,let's face it no matter how much money u spend on them and how much u jazz them up their still going be substandard.
    Put a 4-stroke in that frame...a genuine Honda GXH50 with a Grubee gearbox.
    The Honda is recognised as the worlds best engine(of it's type) and there are sooo many accessories available for it,or it's clone.
    Spend the money and have something that will potentially last a lifetime.
    Like u said "ya git what ya pay for". :)
  9. Pricey bike, looking for good engine?

    Hi speaking for myself, other than the 1965 REAL Schwinn StingRay I have collected all the parts for, I will never for myself that I can imagine, put a 2 stroke chinese engine in a good bike.

    Wanting a great engine for your bike? Look at the Whizzer, bigger, stronger, and EVERY nut bolt and screw MUCH better quality than the Chinese 2-stroke. Last long enuf to be worth the extra money? You bet your bolted to the spokes sprockets it is!

    By the time you buy a pipe, reed box, walbro carb, and your second or third engine because they blew up, you could have had a Whizzer.

    Speed? Ask Quenton, he races his, I've not done any formal racing with mine, but he can tell you what you can expect if you want to go that way.

  10. cooltoy

    cooltoy Member

    i'd have to agree with the posts above. The chinese are great if you want to look at it like "you don't have anything to lose because even if it blows up on you, you will have had your fun" So far i'm at a buck a day, if it blew up today. To do what you want to do and then to go with a very loud 2 stroke is almost pointless.
    A honda will go for years and years.I've still got an old Honda "mini-trail" (50cc) with the fold down handlebars and solid frame. It is now being used by my second child and still starts first kick.The thing is about 20 years old! Have not done anything to it but oil changes. Why not get the best! Honda rules!!!
  11. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    If money is not an issue, Whizzer would be a sweet way to go.
  12. pedal pusher

    pedal pusher New Member

    Its starting to sound like Whizzer has alot of fans. Its like the big block of bicycle engines. Im thinking that a throw away might be in order for now. I will go with the Whizzer engine later, its a matter of finding one and the right one. Bout $800 is what someone told me sofar. And was also told that some real cool parts for them are out there. For now though, a lil "wing ding ding ding" will hold me over. I need to know who has the good one? 47mm bore x 40mm stroke = 70cc?
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  13. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    I agre that a Whizzer would be lovely but is very expensive. I agree with Fetor that the Honda engine with a Grubee gearbox, freewheel drive sprocket and full lenth chrome silencer with long muffler would be a good rig. You say you have shimano roller front brake. Is that a hub brake because v brakes wont fit on springer forks?
    Is it a 2006 Schwinn? Mine is a 07 Schwinn Alloy Seven Cruiser and is not very well made (chinese corner cutting). I have looked at the Electra cruiser and it is very slightly more expensive but a much better made frame. I would not trust Schwinn springer forks out of china on a bike that is going to travel at speed - I've seen what they look like after a year of being ridden without any motor. I agree the springer looks better than any other fork but safety is paramount. Isn't a coaster brake a problem when it comes to servicing it? Like Fetor I too have been asked to part with my HT motor but have refused because I liked the guy too much!
  14. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    I wonder of one of the 50cc Lifan motorbike engines that Alaskavan put on his trike would fit?

    Also, what about one of the Franco Morini S6-E's ??? That would look sweet, if it fits... And, it's about half the price of a whizzer...

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  15. sparky

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    OOoohhhh.... that *is* sweet!! I was wondering if they still made kickstart 50cc engines.