neons for looks


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1:02 PM
Apr 17, 2008
hey guys i was thinking the other day about how kool would it be if i could mount a blue neon on my frame but i am sorta stuck on wat to use to power it any ideas
Hey Large, I sure like the ones in the 2nd url. That would certainly make sure you are seen in the darkness. From a distance the cagers may not know what it is, but they would know it's something. LOL
They're cool but I dont know how street legal they are unfortunately. I know I haven't seen anybody with ground effect lighting on their cars around here in a long time. Very sad...
I'm afraid that that would draw cagers, like bugs to the porch lite. They get that glazed look in their eyes, the steering wheel drifts as they stare at the odd lights ahead, and...WHAM! You're a hood ornament...