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May 21, 2014
I always thought if you could mist the crank and rod, youd be good but then it becomes complicated with a wet sump, pump and plumbing. at that point you might as well accept a cam and valves and go 4 stroke. from what I hear oil injected engines were not really that good in a long run. ppl always removed the system and went with pre-mix
Nope.... Oil injected 2 stroke bikes are always better than premixed, I've owned enough in my time. You should never, ever take the oil injection off a 1970's Suzuki DS bike injection engine, you'll kill the main bearings.


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Jul 29, 2018
tnx Lewie,, the only experience me and a buddy had is his 93 Blaster, and seemed it smoked a lot more than it should from new. also it was under-powered for a 200. we didn't mess with it tho bcs he didn't want to void warranty. but it was thrashed in 6 mos anyway lol. not sure what happened to it if it's still settin, wasted