Never Forget!

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    I will never forget!
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    The morning of 9/11/01, I was watching Fox News when the report came in of the first plane. As I was watching the first tower burn, I was on the phone with my mother, discussing how this could have happened and watched live as the second plane slammed into the second tower. I won't ever get that moment or watching live as those towers collapsed, out of my mind. That was "our" Pearl Harbor and you can never forget it!
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    Something else to never forget. In the days after the attack, those thousands of men and women, Americas best, that stepped forward to answer our Nations call to duty. Even in pain, the greatness of America was on full display for the world.
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    2,611 Americans killed just in the two towers.. office workers .. firemen, police and others who went in to save as many as they could , many doing as much as they could and knowing they would not make it out.. All should never forget this day
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    Ted :cheers2: I was trying to find a high 5, this was the closest I could find.
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    I too remember it vividly. That morning I turned on the television to see the first tower burning, and I was wondering out loud whether it was an accident or terrorism. No sooner had I said that when I watched the second plane slam into the second tower. No doubt after that. I had the morning off from work, so I promptly got on the horn to tell my co-workers what was going on. I went into work later, and on the way home while listening to the radio I remember hearing Ray Charles' version of "America the Beautiful". It brought me to tears.
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    I was on the phone with my cousin when the first plane hit - the tower he was in. He had no clue what had happened, nor had I. Fire alarms went off, and he started down from the 48th floor - we lost reception when he entered the staircase. I tuned in the news - I was in my office in Houston - and watched as the coverage started. I, too, saw the 2nd tower hit, and knew it was a deliberate act of terrorism as I watched the plane banking into the tower.

    Shortly after that my cousin was back on the phone - he'd tried to call his mother and got no answer, so asked me to tell her he was okay, that there were handicapped people in the fire stairs who needed help, and he was going back in to help.

    I never spoke with him again, nor were any of his identifiable remains ever recovered.

    Never forget? I could not even if I wanted to, and that I do not.