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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    About the Lower End on the NE5:

    Does the crankshaft have ball or roller main bearings?

    Are there needle bearings or just a bushing in the connecting rod?

    Is the oiling system pressure or splash?

    Just Curious...


  2. loquin

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    Hal, I'm going to move this thread to the Whizzer forum. You'll be targeting the members who are more likely to know the answer to your question that way.
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  3. Hal the Elder

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    This is the Whizzer & Antique MotoredBikes Forum...

    HEY LOU:

    Is this the same as the "Whizzer" forum that you said you moved my thread to?

    I see here that you say you're GOING to move my thread to the "Whizzer" forum...well, if this isn't it, then where is it?

  4. Whizzer intrigals

    Hi Hal, and welcome to the Whizzer section (again?). I really doubt any other area would know much about Whizzers.

    CAM: 2 caged ball bearings, open in the engine oil

    Crankshaft: Big caged ball-bearings on Flywheel side Outer side (away from belts) a caged roller.

    Rod: roller bearing bottom, full-floating wrist pin, steel in steel

    Oiling system: Large dasher on the rod, splashing every revolution

    We have NO rod problems that I'm aware of, and I've only had one crank roller fail, that being due to the owner running it out of oil.

    I've had NO cam bearing failures, so, they are very solid in the bottom end.

  5. Hal the Elder

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    Thanks For The Info, Mike!

    With that kind of bottom support, its not hard to see why they stand up to higher compression and higher RPMs when they're hopped up!

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  6. RdKryton

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    The bottom end on the WC-1's and NE5's are very tough. It's a shame they are not interchangeable with the vintage motors. Keep the oil full and you should not have any problems with the newer engines bottom ends. The only exception is the lifers. Go with the mushroom lifters and your good to go.
    Are you going to get the 2006 NE5 you wrote about?

  7. Hal the Elder

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    HEY JIM:

    Since my recent follow-up phone conversation with the Dealer, he said that the bike (a Blue 2006 Whizzer NE5) has 0.7 miles, and it comes with the Owners Manual and the Whizzer Warranty, as well as the plate that covers the bird's nest of wires protruding around the headlight that bothered me when I first saw it a week ago.

    I'll buy it this coming Saturday (it will gobble up the greater portion of my Boeing Pension Check), and picking it up will be the longest 200-mile round-trip I ever made!

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  8. RdKryton

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    I have a pdf file from Kilroy (my brother) with the wiring diagram to help you get things right.
    Enjoy the ride

  9. Hal the Elder

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    I Really Appreciate That, Jim!

    (no further text)
  10. JE

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    Hi Hal just curius where you live. You mentioned Boing and was wondering if you lived in Oregon or Washington.
  11. Hal the Elder

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    Hey Je:

    I live in Southern California's High Mojave Desert at an altitude of 3000 feet. We occasionally get a mild snowfall, and our summers can get to a dry 112.

    I worked for Boeing at the Long Beach, CA facility for 37 years as a Lab Test Engineer/Technician, and retired 10 years ago in 1998. It used to be McDonnell-Douglas, but Boeing bought the Company in 1996.

    I moved to the High Desert because I'm an amateur Astronomer, and the skies up here are really dark!

    Our Club had a Star Party Saturday night and the Milky Way stood out like a silver ribbon across the sky!

    My new $5400 Computerized Telescope performed can select anything from its 145,000 object database and it will automatically slew right to it! (Star, Planet, Nebula, Galaxy, Cluster, Asteroid, Comet, etc.)

  12. sk8erpunk

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    hey hal, I drove a ways to get my Whizzer too. it was worth it.