never made one so new

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  1. wyldman1

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    i have never made a engine biik i have a schwinn road bike frame gunna be getting my engine in two weeks any pointers on anything ill post pics of the bike im gunna be making in a couple days

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Ditch the "drop" handlebars. Replace with mountain bike or cruiser handlebars. You could save your collar bone that way.
  3. wyldman1

    wyldman1 New Member

    Yea I changed the bars already I made it into a cruiser bike now all I need to do is get the engine I'll be getting in two weeks :D what would you recomend for a first timer or are they relatively the same maintenece wise

    Oh and I'll have pics tonight of the bike I'm gunna use
  4. Also check with your local laws on motorized bikes.
  5. wyldman1

    wyldman1 New Member

    Eah I think it's anything under 80cc is ok with out lisence and there ok to drive
  6. wyldman1

    wyldman1 New Member

    if anyone was interested i put up four picas of the bike im gunna build tell me i deas you think i should do i love to hear them