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    I've recently got my starfire 48cc working, but I'm having technical problems. I've gotten it to go on long trips twice. Uphill isn't working. 44 tooth sprocket made for speed. Cruises perfectly, but I want to bring stuff besides meself, then go uphill without shame. I live in a hilly area. Also hoping for a quieter muffler. Can anyone recomend a brake system that works on these beach bikes? I bought bulldog U- brakes and the two brakes on the right handle clutch system, but no matter how well I adjust them, they don't really grab. Maybe its the shiny surface on these beach cruiser rims. Coaster brake burns up. I'm thinking maybe a 90mm sturmley archer drum brake on the front, but cheaper would be nice. For a back brake, I'm going to be forced to use the one with a solid axle sold by It seems a bit small, I was hoping for one with more moxy, but you cant beat an axle for an axle. Was hoping for a centrifugal clutch that I don't have to buy a new motor to get to. Finally, my carburetor stopped firing because I straightened out that two pronged fork over the bobber. Now after I rebent it because straightening it out caused gas to leak out the priming pump, it wont fire. Darn. Once I figure out this forum subscription thing, I'll participate in other's posts.

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    Sounds like you messed up the float level setting in the carb and now it's flooding and not stopping the flow of fuel when the bowl is full. It works kind of like a toilet tank. Do some searching and I'm sure you can find out how to set it correctly again. Maybe some one here know an easy way to talk you though it. I don't have anything to offer on your brake problem though. Good luck.
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    Sit back..take a big breath...&...have a good look..