New 2007 Whizzer in NE Illinois



Howdy folks!

I've lusted for a Whizzer since I was a pup and saw the ad's in the magazines showing the happy kids who could afford one.. I was not one of those...

When I came home with my new Whizzer, I was tickled pink. But my joy was short-lived. It took around 3 weeks to get the dealer educated about the paper-work required to license it in Illinois! And to fix the problems that the dealer's "mechanic" had caused...

But I'm ridin' her now. And I dang near feel like the luckiest 12 year old in the neighborhood, nearly 5 decades later...

At over 100 MPG I plan to use it for local errands.

And my goal for further on down the road is to go electric.

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a most excellent story, from one 12 year old to another ;)

it's always good to have another Whizzer-dedicated rider show up...get on down to the Heritage area and help us start collecting some Whizzer information, we're a bit slim as of right now...if you're seeking info, we have a few Whizzer savvy doods who'll be happy to talk about their babies with you :)

welcome to MBc :cool:


Born to be mild...

Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words, folks.
You make me feel enough "at home" here to pass along
the lyrics I started writing the night after I brought the
new Whizzer home. With apologies to Steppenwolf....

A Whizzer Song

(Sung to the tune of "Born to be Wild")
( Words by Del Ogren Sept 12 2007)

Born To Be Mild

Get your Whizzer runnin'
Stay off the big ol' highway
Goin' for some groceries
And to see what's on the way

Yeah the world will go right past me
Like a slow motion movie scene
But I would have missed it all
Without my Whizzer machine

I like ridin' slowly
Smelling every flower
Avoiding an adventure
At twenty miles an hour

Yeah Darlin' we'll make it happen
Think I know just what you like
Once you ride out on the Whizzer
We'll have to buy you a motorbike

Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be mild
We can't go that fast
So the journey's gonna last

Born to be mild
Born to be mild