New 29er Build - The "Blue Goose"

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    So I see this at Wally World, and after building 4 cruiser bikes I decided I should try something different. It's a pretty good quality bike, considering the price. After greasing up the hubs, head tube & bottom bracket & checking/adjusting everything to what it should be its a nice ride. The welds are very clean on the frame, and the overall bike is quite light for a cheaper bike. The big aluminum tubes are all different sizes, but it made for pretty easy mounting of the engine. The downtube is very tall, but it's skinny height-wise. It's not oval, it's oblong I guess you would say. Rounded top & bottom & flat sides. I didn't use a U-bolt adapter, instead I just cut longer studs from my thread stock & mounted the 66cc HT up like that.

    In this pic everything is on the bike except for the gas tank. I have to clean up all the wires & cable yet. Speaking of cables - I had to trim about 12" each off of the clutch & throttle cables so that they weren't hanging out too much. That went quite well...better that expected. I used flux & silver solder on the tip of the throttle cable & then just filed it down so that it was round & it fit bam in the carb like a glove.

    I'm trying to figure out what else I can do for a gas tank instead of using the stock black bubbly one that comes with the kit. There's quite a bit of space in the upper part of the triangle by the stem. Maybe something would work in there???

    Also, I decided to try out a bigger rear sprocket for the engine. It's a 56 tooth one as opposes to the stock 44. I built 2 Genesis Onyx 29" before, and they ran OK, but they lacked low end torque. I'm hoping this will make a difference without sacrificing too much of the top end.

    I should be finishing this up tomorrow. I'll post more picks when I'm done.


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    I have a Genesis 29 from Walmart. I run a 56T too...perfect for my needs. My load (bike/me/bag) is about 330#...I cruise at about 23MPH...28MPH @ max RPM. Great on hills too. 66cc/NT carb.
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    Looks like a nice build.
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    Thanks for the kind words & advice everyone. I wrote out a long reply yesterday, and when I went to post it I got an error message. After trying a few times I gave up because I didn't have time to rewrite it.

    I don't think the top speed is good enough for me with the 56 tooth sprocket. It does take off at lower rpm's a bit better, but I don't think the difference is worth it. I may switch out to the 44 to other tomorrow. The bike is rather light. I believe it's only 30lbs without the engine.

    Here are a couple of pics of the bike in its just-about-completed stage right now. Gotta get new brake pads of this thing. The stock ones are about the consistency of marshmallows & are halfway worn down already.

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