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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by stude13, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. stude13

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    WOW----stihl has come out with an engine called--4mix fuel lubricated 4stroke engine. it does this with 2stroke mix. i read about it at kneeslider. it is a weed whacker engine. i dont have specs. but it could be transformative in our hobby. mitch

  2. Pablo

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    They've had those for at least a year+.
  3. seanhan

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    Whats the advantage except being able to tilt the engine any angle and still get luberaction. Does it make more Power than a stright 4 Stroke ??
    Sounds like it's worth looking into , might be a new trend !!!!!
  4. stude13

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    as compared to a normal 4stroke it is lighter. compared to 2strokes they produce more torque, less noise and are carb compliant. arent these pluses as far our needs go?
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    These blokes have been working on this for a couple years. They have a 50cc config but sumpin tells me it ain't gonna cost $100.