New 4 "Cycle" engine help

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by hunbro, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. hunbro

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  2. gone_fishin

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    as far as i know, you're the first on the board to have one...
  3. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    4 cycle kit

    Your the first to buy one of those kits.Don't worry aside from the crank set,and the flat plate motor mount.There not much different than its 2 cycle brothers,and sisters. Does your frame meet the size requirements?
    Your biggest problem will probable be understanding the directions.The translation from Chinese probably isn't much better than the other kits.Don't forget to fill the oil up before starting it,and don't over fill it.Use a good nondetergent oil for your break in period.
    If you have any problems just ask.I use alot of the 4 cycle motors in my bikes.I would suggest if the kit dosn't come with any kind of isolater for the motor plate.I would cut an old tire tube,and use some small strips between the mount plate,and your frame.I would also put strips on the strap side that will help protect your frame with vibration wear.
  4. azbill

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    keep us informed !!! :D :D :D
  5. Dockspa1

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    I can't let this idea go in my head of a 4 cylinder scate board where the seat mounts to the high rise manifolds. Thats a lot of power for a sKate board.
    I know you meant 4 stroke. I hope you meant 4 stroke!
  6. Guest

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    Four cycle.

    I can't get the link to work....

    So, how is it going?
  7. thatsdax

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    Hi..I too have bought one. I will be installing it and then testing it to see how it stacks up against the 2 strokes. I should be able to help you with install..That is...If I ever get mine delivered. I ordered it a few weeks ago from the same supplier as you. I am glad to hear you did get yours. I was beginning to worry. Anyway..I hope to have mine soon and then let the testing begin. Enjoy the ride..and remember.. Thats Dax !!!!
  8. luke

    luke Guest

    i am also aiming to buy one of these kits to test.saw them on ebay as well.
    hopefully they are going to be a bit better than the two strokers.
  9. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Ok..I got it...That was the easy part

    ok..My 4 stroke arrived today. Buying it was the easy part...Now..I have to install it. After close inspection, I can see that the crankcase and the Transmission, not sure what is in there....But...Both are dry and will need oil. I can see the fill plug on the Tranny... Crankcase should be easy enough...But..The main thing that I notice is how wide this motor really is..........It is wide..I mean..Really really wide.. So......Right off from the bat....I know I need to select a Bike that has a 3 piece crank so I can use the flared steel crank that comes with the kit so that the pedals will clear this wide little motor. I am not sure of displacement...I am guessing around 40cc or so by the size of the motor.

    Ok..I selected a TREK 800 from my stash of bikes. It has a three piece crank. I measured my Moondog and some other similar bikes with steel one piece cranks. They are a little over 5 inches of spread. A little more than the three piece cranks..But..not near enough for this wide little motor. I measured this new little 4 stroke motor to be approximately 10inches wide..No kidding..more than twice the width of the two strokes...Wow !! There you go cowboy !!! I may be walking like one after this is done. I am worried now that the steel flared crank will not have enough to clear..We shall see... I need to get my Trek 800 running as a bike before I begin to mount the motor....To be continued......Stay tuned.....
  10. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    I was wondering about the width. That is one of the reasons I opted out on buying one. I am very curious to hear about the performance of these 4 stroke engines...please keep us informed!
  11. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest


    Ok...Here is where I am with the NEW 4 stroke motor install. I am not complaining there were no install instructions. A picture would be worth more to me. But....I got neither. Also..I did not get engine mounting bolts for the underside of the motor to bike plate. See pic. I had to round up my own. Nor did I get anything to mount the Engine plate to the bike frame. Again..I had to adapt and over come. I used bolts and then steel engine clamps. The holes in the plate were wider than desired, thus the bolts are at a 15 degree angle or so...... Had thought of using muffler clamps, but there is no way to pull them and tighten them down on the inside of the plate..So..I did what was available to me. and that was loop bolts through and put on steel clamps and make it tight. Had to lean the motor so the air box would clear....Also..Had to pull the crank and put on the steel one that came with the kit. IF you do not have a puller tool "see pic" then forget it..You are not pulling the old crank off...Also had to remove the front derailure since the new crank only has one steel chain wheel . Not a big deal..I will not be pedalling that much anyway..I hope. Well..That is it for now.. See the pics to see where my NEW 4 stroke install is at. [​IMG]
  12. thatsdax

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    Here is what the Crank Puller tool looks like..[​IMG]
  13. iRide Customs

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    That thing is beefy! Let's hope it power is as much as it is wide! Have you had a chance to fire it up yet? If so, was it a "first pull" or "pulled muscle"??

  14. srdavo

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    thanks for the report....good pics. keep em coming!
  15. thatsdax

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    4 Stroke View cont'

    I posted a new thread, See .. 4 Cycle review. Thanks..
  16. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I rescued a Dec/Jan 4 cycle thread, you could beg/borrow and steal from, the full 4 cycle report for the archives/manuals.... :)
  17. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Are those studs holding the mounting tray to the frame 6mm dia. or 8mm dia.? If they are 6mm are they Chinese? If so I see big problems with them fracturing. I am really keen to know because I'm wanting to buy the tray myself.
  18. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    retro racer
    Use a good nondetergent oil for your break in period.

    why would you reccomend non detergent oil
    Wont it plate the dirt all over the inside of the engine.
    As opposed to a detergent oil which will carry the dirt out on the first oil change.?

    Just wondering aloud.
  19. Hollywood

    Hollywood Guest

    The link don't work. I built a Grubee 4-stroke.It came with a mounting plate.I built mine on a Shwinn SS which has a one piece crank. A wide one piece crank came in the Grubee kit.The instructions that come with the kit are real bad,but if you have built a 2-stroke kit you can finger it out.It's a good motor and kit if you like the look. I didn't use oil in the gear box because of oil leaks. I used Lucas Red "N" Tacky grease on the gears. Good luck with your builds.