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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by jblossomgame, Jul 18, 2009.

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    I am dreaming of a new build. I would like for it to consist of a 4 stroker (of course). I need to attain speeds of 35 - 40 mph so that I can cruise at around 28 mph or so (on the flats). I weigh 210 and live in the Atlanta area which is not far from the North Georgia Mountains so that means hills... I would need to climb them with little or no pedaling. Can we make it happen? If so - How?

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    think that you are looking at 2 to 4 hp needed here ??
    I am also very interested to see what pops up here for you
    looking for MB #2 hopefully with some real get up and go !!!
    sound like you also are looking for some get up ??
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    First build was a HT 2 stroke. It was okay because I don't mind doing a little tinkering from time to time but sometimes I would like to enjoy a ride free of vibrations and occasional break downs. I was looking to use the Honda, Hua Sheng or Titan. Do you know if anyone has used the new Dax inframe?
  4. Motorcycle

    Hello J-blossom, your desires say Motorcycle. Federal Regs, and almost all State Regs say "less than 30 mph on level ground".

    Most motorized bicycles are not capable of 40mph, and hill climbing. Shifting is illegal, and hp limited to under 2hp by the feds and most states.

    These things in mind, I do not see a clear path to what you want to do to even be "gray-area" legal.

    I too am a heavy rider, and this also limits our abilities in speed and hill climbing. BTW please do not be fooled by some adverts claiming 3-4 HP from so-called 80cc China-bike engines, these claims are just not true.

    Let us know what motorcycle you choose, or if you modify your expectations of a bike?

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    I think that I am being misunderstood. I would like to cruise at around 28 mph not 40. I was thinking that a bike that would reach at top speed of around 38 would be ok for cruising @ 28. As far as hill climbing is concerned, I am certain that a motorized bike would basically bog down. I was merely wondering if there was a system that may be available that would suit my needs. I am well aware of the laws governing motorized bikes in my area. I dont ride to work or anything, this is a hobby that I enjoy in my spare time. I will not be purchasing a "motorcycle", I am leaning towards the new in frame from DAX. Thank You.
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    I am in the same situation as you. I want to find out more about the thatsdax titan shifter in-frame kit. Does anybody have experience with this kit? I cant find anything or any threads on it, it seems like it would be the way to go for hill climbing as well as cruising on flats.