New 4G gearbox

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by dougsr.874, May 28, 2015.

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    I have both of what I call the old version and the new version of the 4G gearbox. The old one being the one with an exposed clutch bell and the new one all enclosed....the old version seems to be much better made and heavier...anyone have enough experience with the new version to comment???

  2. The_Aleman

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    Can you post a picture showing the difference? I'm curious.
  3. KCvale

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  4. The_Aleman

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    So the OP says the "old" clutch bell has holes and the new one doesn't?

    My 2010 (1st year IIRC) Honda-style 4G has no holes in the bell. The holes came later in subsequent years.

    I don't know which version is better than the other, if one is better than the other. I did have to replace my solid bell once because of poor welding.
  5. KCvale

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    No holes in my 4G bells.
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    I got a couple more 10G long shafts and 9T sprockets in, $108 just for shipping, sucks, but I can make 2 more 10G long shafts now before the slow ship with more get here.