New 80 c.c bogging down when giving it throttle ?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rumme, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I just purchased a new 80 c.c from boygofast on ebay that has the pullstart....

    it idles, but when I engage the clutch to take off, and try and give it throttle, it bogs down horribly and wont rev up. The spark plug looks kind of dark/ black instead of gray on the tip . Does this sound like im getting to much fuel when I throttle up and if so, do I need to make a carberuaotr adjustment ? Thansk....

  2. Will the Motor Rev up with out clutch engaged?

    Things to check are correct Gas Mixture .
    Spark plug tight. No head gasket leaks
    ( good compression ).

    to start with


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    What if you pedal up to ~ 5 mph and then switch to motor power? IE how is it once it gets some revs up?
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    thanks for replies,....

    this is a brand new 80 cc. engine and I did the exhaust modification where I took the baffle out and cut most of it off, only leaving 2 " of baffle rod inside...

    I wasnt sure if doing this meant that I need to move the needle clip in the carb. If I move the clip up does that lean the carb out or add more gas ?

    I will check for a intake air leak today. It seems like it takes several minutes for the motor to warm up to the point the where I can turn the choke completely off. When the clutch is disengaged and the motor is just idling, it will rev up, but it doesnt rev up very smoothly. Im using the stock spark plug that came with the engine and was wondering if those are crappy and should I buy a name brand/ hotter plug ? If so, what type ?
  5. Moving the needle clip up lowers the needle and leans it out... You need to check for air leak as a lean condition is not good on the engine. A good starting point is 2nd from the top... Usually stock position. The stock chinese plugs are the same quality as most of the other parts, REPLCE it along with wire and cap. I use NGK plug, but you can search here there are many plugs you can substitute...
  6. rumme

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    would a good choice be the ngk-b6hs gapped at .028 ?

    I do live in a higher elvation of arkansas so maybe I need to experiament with the needle clip ? My plug has a dark / blakc look to it...its not greyish...
  7. Yep thats what I run, but I gap mine at .020 the spark is pretty weak on these HT engines. If I were to guess I would move the clip 1 slot up which lowers the needle and try that...