New 80cc clutch stuck in gear(no neutral)


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Feb 14, 2008
Hi jammer, first look at the bottom photos to make sure you are clear of which way the rod goes in and out. (sorry if you already know) Then let us know if you went for a short ride with the plug out. I know its stuck in gear, the plug out will reduce the compression since it will be very hard to peddle.

When I did this I was pulling the clutch in and out until I heard a "clunk" then It was easy to peddle with the clutch fully pulled in. It finally popped into neutral. Everything has been OK ever since.



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Jan 21, 2009
Graucho, I got it, New question, Brass cable stop?

After I made my post, I went out and again turned the engine over while in gear. The pushrod finally slipped into place !! I hadnt had my chain hooked up before to get enough revs to make this occur. SO, now the clutch is working correctly. Thanks for your input, that was really frustrating.

Another quick question,on the clutch issue. My kit did NOT come with the little brass piece that hooks on to the cable after it comes thru the cable arm. There is only a screw on the end of the cable arm (inline with it) that you tighten down after you thread the cable thru the arm. Seems to me from a leverage point of view that I will need that brass piece to keep the clutch arm tight enough., and from slipping.

What do you call that brass stop? Can I get it at a hardware store ?

Thanks again


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Aug 6, 2008
Believe it or not, Anybody having trouble with cable's, go to home depot. The sell the correct sized galvinized cable there.

If you need a ball or solid cylindrical end on it, they also sell welding rod. Make sure to get the stuff made for aluminum tho because it's galvinized your welding to! Can be done with a propane torch!

As far as the brass end goes, shouldn't matter so long as the nut on the end of the arm is tight enough not to let the cable slip. The brass end is only there to keep the end of the cable from freying. If it bothers you, go to Home Depot and get a crip end from near where they keep the cable. $2.00 max!


Be sure that all the parts are installed! Not only the little rod, but also the ball bearing behind it. Before I would start it up I would take the right side cover off and give it a good looking over and check. It might hurt something awful if it started and then you couldn't get it shut off quick if you needed to!


So I bought an engine from gasbike.ney, and I will never again!
I had to remove chain drive sprocket, and upon reassembly, the pin is no longer sitting at the proper height to engage the clutch arm??? It was perfect before! What could of happened? I used the gear puller to take off the sprocket, but I’m fairly certain that I should not be having my current issue. Never buy form gas they sell trash lemons, not to mention the fake cs number.
Getting ready to take the case apart, but do you have any suggestions?