NEW **97cc PREDATOR *4-stroke KIT and ENGINE

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Diamond Back, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Diamond Back

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    Hi, dont get me wrong I LOVE my 66cc China Girl. The 2-strokes are great to modify and there are endless ""feel in your seat """ that moment mods you can do... you can either have a smooth reliable never pedal engine that will get you anywhere at 30mph.... or you can have a rip, roaring, screaming, 11,000 rpm, 50+ mph unreliable land missile..!!!!!!!!!! or stay in between theses two...LOL,LOL

    Gas bike Just put out the 97cc 4-stroke kit... DOES ANYONE HAVE ONE YET ????

    I have used this engine and repaired in my friends MOTOVOX MINI BIKE,,, and BAJA DOODLE BUG mini bike,,IT is a Great Powerful little engine, pulls his 250lbs butt over 40 mph all over the place...

    I think its rated at 3 HP at only 3,600 red line rpm and governed,, which we take off. I want to put this in a Bike for cold months ahead,, 4-stroke do better all around then 2- strokes

    should I keep it simple and get the kit and a new bike to put it in like a beach cruiser or the 212cc predator engine in a three wheeler... or try to save money and put 97cc engine in my bike now with the 2-stroke,,

    so what should I do,, 97cc 4-stroker in its own beach-cruiser,,, 212cc 4-stroker in its own 3 wheel bike for the snowy winter months,,, or go cheap and put in my 2-stroke DIAMOND BACK now.... I THINK I JUST SHOULD GET NEW KIT AND BIKE ,,, did a lot of hard custom work to start over and mix


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  2. Cozmik Mezzenger

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    You mean 79cc, right?
  3. Diamond Back

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    they make a 79cc and 97cc....the engine kit by GASBIKE.NET is only 79cc,,,they sell the same motor concept in 97cc up-to 212cc 6.5 hp PREDATOR ENGINES
  4. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    They also make a 420cc and a 670 but that's a different time:)
  5. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Cozmik Mezzenger Active Member

    Can you provide a link to the 97cc engine on HF's website?
  6. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Just looked it up and apparently they stopped making the 99cc predator.... I apologize:)
  7. Cozmik Mezzenger

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    No worries. The 79cc engine is decent.
  8. Frankfort MB's

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    The only difference is the bore, the stroke, and the cam if I'm not mistaken
  9. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Cozmik Mezzenger Active Member

    There is not much difference between the 79cc and 99cc Predator, other than the stroke. The bore, weight and dimensions are exactly the same.
  10. CrazyDan

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    Been wanting to go 79cc for a while now, but I recently bought a 53cc and love it. Plus not sure if I trust gasbike, probably better to buy the parts needed for the 79cc and get the motor direct from hf lol.
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  11. Frankfort MB's

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    I think bike berry has a kit like this not sure....
  12. Cozmik Mezzenger

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    Good. Gasbike is a crap shoot. Buy your engine on sale at HF and many of the other components can be gotten from eBay or from AGK.
  13. Rico glover

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    @Diamond Back yea scrap the China girl Two Strokes are a piece of Sh!t 4 stroke are fast and reliability honestly so much better like day and night.
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  14. Frankenstein

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    Not to dig up ghosts in the network mods, but I'm starting to feel that pain for a 4 stroke, a decent powered 4 stroke motor that is.

    I got my heart full set on fat tired bikes now, I more or less vow to only do fat tire bike anything. It usually appeals to a better crowd, and with it, a better profitable market. Also, generally speaking, a bike that cost a thousand will be less likely to be beaten like a 300 dollar one would, this results in less damages, and of course less visits to the repair shop (aka: me.)

    I could see a profit if desired, and around here people want bikes that move, but more importantly, navigate. I think the right 4 stroke and bike frame combo would be a huge advantage here. Also the public marketing of this product should help mark new legislation in this state regarding the highly undefined (and avoided) legal structure in this nutfuck of a state (please pardon my French in this case.)

    I can see why kc has such a rep, and likely profit margin. He has a very crude environment to deal with. He has very anal people to deal with. He has a large untapped market to deal to. And being wise enough to register the fact that better things get treated better, he built a life fixture from it.

    I think the Arizona desert might not particularly be at any advanced wheel width in respect to wide or standard. Maybe if enough sand or super loose dirt would a very fat bike might be nice, but the spikes and sharpened daggers of the sand skellies would tear a tire of even the best materials to bits.

    Here it's mostly just glass and improperly aired fat tires that will cause a pop. Today, it was a nice 31 out with some mild wind and gusts up to 28 mph, next thing to know, I misjudged the placement of a drain in the side of the road. Too many effing leaves, those would've been covered in snow and made the gutter drain much more obvious by now if I was back when it snowed usually 3/4ths of the year.... So anyway I hit it a tad hard, been meaning to get that airpump back from my sister and the stupid gas station with free air (I'm not paying for the f***ing air or the service that provides it assholes) was put of service. Go figures. I let it go just a bit too far, the twice as deep pothole would've been a meer bump if I had the right inflation for high speed on dry road.

    The tire went flat in about 50 yards. Pulled over slowly and carefully, blinkers on, well I was going to be on time for work until just about that moment, well all sorted out I was late and now I have a bike with a broken mirror, a flat tire and no front tire, and a leaking gas tank filled with water I think in my back yard...

    I hate this f***ing state (oh wait it's a commonwealth, whatever that is.) Anywho, around here the fat tire rules, with its disk brake counterpart. I've seen 10, litteraly 10, normal size tire breaks/punctures/deaths/problems to every one fat tire issues.

    Yall know we used to use small tires on cars and sh*t right? Turned out wider, and taller, was better ladies. Now cars have big wheels, the toughest ones are very wide and thick (as in comprising percentage of thickness of the total diameter of the wheel,) meaning that the idea should follow. We are talking about bikes with engines installed remember? A tougher wheel is basically where you go when you aren't trying to make the world's most lightest bikey-poo. No, tough is a genuine need with what the largest percentage of us will need when deciding on a bike. If Harley Davidson bikes had tire blow outs as often as small bike tires did, then with all that power it would be very ridiculous and nobody in their right mind would buy such a killing device.

    Yes, fat tires are a bit more expensive, deal with the quality of life problems that causes you and think how reliable it will be to not die prematurely, small price I point out.

    So, simple marketing strategy has them sold on fat tires, I let the business do its work for me, now reliable engines I must ponder. Diversify into 2 motor types, or pick a safe reliable and easy to warm across people's minds. 4 stroke obvious choice no? Well power is accessible to the equivalent 2 stroke, and fit inside a frame it can. Build it should I? Scared to let go of the simple 2 stroke, which I can successfully tune and bring full destructive life in a day or so without trying.. Even with a supposedly wonky and/or kooky carburetor. Hard to say.

    Kc probably has the right idea, the 4 stroke performs across a huge temp and environment range, it's unlikely a single happy time 2 smoke can deal with such a such a thing, with minimal maintenance, and anybody in their right mind would pick a motor that requires the least explaining to a customer. It's easier to fix a flat than to repair a bombed motor. At this point the likely hook I will have engine issues compared to the tire issues means I will probably be way better off only touching in the engine once every few months in comparison to a tire every one or the other.

    Anybody know of big frames, with low sit, and tough construction, that would be suited well for a 4 stroke at about 97cc, and good for a 4 inch tire, made of steel? Don't worry about brakes, I can fixate an appropriate brake in nearly any situation. I am serious in figuring this out, I will note that I don't want to by basically on my ass on the ground, no low riders like stingrays or the alike. I am happy with sitting at around the heighth I sit in my truck. I can even stand and get a very tall view of the environment, including better control of my balance on very slow crawls. I can be seen easier too which is an advantage.

    @KCvale perhaps chime in on this?
  15. CrazyDan

    CrazyDan Active Member

    Welcome to the dark side, cookies are on the table over there *points to the left*
  16. I had a 212 cc Predator sent it back to the factory the thing scared and depress me I could not even get on my bike deathrow bike yes it is catch the hint they mean it tallk to another motor bike company the lady went hysterical on telling me all the dangers of putting one together but she said they have a 79cc wasn't as bad new motor try mine put 1000 miles on a new make a GT 80 took a 230 mile trip had to do a shake down of things going wrong 2 loose boolts inside the carb had to take the whole f***ing motor off the bike to get to last 30 miles bike develope problem did after about 4 hrs 100 miles the thing loost power coming out of Black Fores lucky its all down hill made it back to Co Springs to my vision of fixing it at O Rielly auto part no such f***ing luck put on new rings new magneto new CDI thing will not fire maybe I did not read the fine print its like a dragster you can only use it once then chuck the motor no way to fix it gonna try a new carb on it tomorrow wish could have talk to some one with a GT80 what ever the hell that stands for don't know.
  17. darwin

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    79cc, 97cc, 212cc, why not put a chevy 350 on one? See how fast you'll go then. I'll chip in on your casket of choice. LOL!
  18. Ya, its about like that crazy and dangerous.
  19. Been wanting to go 79cc for a while now, but I recently bought a 53cc and love it. Plus not sure if I trust gasbike, probably better to buy the parts needed for the 79cc and get the motor direct from hf lol.

    May I ask why you don't trust gasbike? Because I just recently got a motor from them.
  20. CrazyDan

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    None of gasbike's engines are their own, they are resellers and the issue is their kit's part quality. All bolts easily strip and things easily bend and break, inferior metal is used that we call chinesium. The 4 stroke engines are mostly fine, its the 2 smokes which come to them disassembled and they use chinesium nuts and bolts to put em together. It would be better to build a 79cc MB avoiding gasbike as much as possible if you love life and hate ouchies.