new aluminum bike



well i dont know how but i got a fully aluminum fram bicycle for 55 bucks brand new and when i whent back for more they where metal for the same price???????????

i just dont know but hey im all ways lucky like that well im thinking of well
since the bike is aluminum that a nice plain aluminum look no paint strait glem
(i hope)

well its light and might push me 2 more on my MPH i hope so i shoud be cruisn
at like 38 now hahahaha just a exhaust tweak and that 40 mark is mine

for just being stock on a 44T gear prrety fast but that dax 65cc type d just wont quit it is realy dialed in later

(hows my typeing now better i hope) i know my spelling is bad
i have the dax 70 realy its a 67 cc but anyway im not broken in yet but ive been winding out at 30 mph all stock how r u doing 38 with a 44 tooth sprocket and what kind of exhast mod r u talking bout is it a new exhaust or a stock uncorked one.
no whats cool is that you can run prts from a minipocket bike they mach up its wierd
(im sorry typeing with one hand)
well with the walmart type 26 x 2.125 slick you increas by like 2 mph
bigger radius and smoter ride not like the nobby wher its like bob bob bob bob on the road but mind the corners when wet

and fill your fram with filler foam it cuts back on vibration for more top end really it works

and the more balnced that gear is the more go and less vibration you get man
but im runing the dax 65cc type d version and this thing is nuts man it just wont quit