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    i have been reading what i can and i dont think im searching the right words so can ask for a bit of help
    i will have a new engine kit next week 80cc and a a engine mount off the guy(barry0070_70_0)on ebay for my Schwinn OCC Chopper and i will be getting one of his Exhaust kits as well

    is there anything that i need to know that will trouble me

    i also read that people have changed the screws,nuts,bolts on the engines
    can some one tell me witch ones what size

    can some one also point me in the right direction some great post that might help me out
    sorry for all this but im so new to this iwont it all to work right
    thanks guys

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    I just received 4 (1 meter) sticks of allthread (99055A120) for 15.40 delivered. I'm set.