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  1. Jerchabot

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    Hi everyone I'm from south carolina. Recently my car broke down and is unable to be fixed without spending a large sum of money, after just spending 800 dollars on it about a month ago for repairs, that is not an option. I came here in hopes of getting some help with the motorized bike world.
    Looking for something to commute about 5 miles to work on a road with a speed limit of 45. Preferably a kit that doesnt break the bank and could reach a speed of 40 mph.I'm pretty broke at the moment so a motorized bike seems like a good option. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome..If you want to attain 45mph..I believe a bicycle is not going to be it. Bicycles are not designed for that. I wouldn't want to ride ANY bicycle with a engine going that fast.
  3. geebt48cc

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    Al's right. Uno, what I would do is find a smaller-street trail motorcycle.........45 mph is just a bit much for china land.
  4. Flying Dutchman

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    I'm not sure what the laws are in your neck of the woods but in California mb is legally allowed to go a max of 30 mph and it is still classified
    As a mb. If it is caught going faster by the police, and depending on the officer, there's a chance it could get impounded.