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    Hey there everyone. I'm trying to get into the whole motorized bikes thing. Never bought one, never took a ride on one, never installed one, never really been within 10 feet of one. So, with that said, i'm looking for a few answers to some questions.

    Before that though, I'm just trying to get around. I'm just a 20 year old trying find a better "A-to-B" transportation method. I'm always riding my bike; literally everywhere. 10 miles here, 15 miles there, and so on (because i'm faster on a bike than busses are). My bike is a cheapie, but i bought it because it looked like it had a lot of room to mount a motor (700c Fixie Thruster).

    So, the questions...

    1) Who's good to order from?

    I want the merchant to actually get my order right, and have it shipped in a fairly reasonable amount of time. I've looked on the vender list, but i'd like to be recommended specific venders from those who have had personal good experiences from them. Also, the motor i'm looking is a 48cc gas-powered 2-stroke; Arizona state sadly...

    2) Are motors "permanent"?

    It may seem dumb to ask, but what i mean is, maybe i get a new bike and want to remove the motor off my old one; is it ridiculously more tedious to do so than actually installing it?

    3) Average life span of most motors (with proper maintenance)?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. darwin

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    Motors can be uninstalled a lot easier than mounting them, then you'll have your reg bike again. Mounting them takes time to get everything adjusted just right. A mm here or there can make a huge difference. As far as venders use the vender review thread and see wassup. Thatdax is a great vender, his prices are a lil higher but you get upgraded hardware which you'll need to buy anyways. Check out the list and welcome.
  3. grinningremlin

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    Remember, you get what you pay for, and in the end you'll pay either way.Meaning, if you buy a good-proven set-up you'll pay up front, if you go cheap you'll pay along the way as you fix it.If you want pedal power you want a rack mount (Staton FD or GEBE) with a Tanaka, Robin Subaru, or Honda engine.Rack mounts appear to be easiest to remove the engine and have a straight bike again, more so than a frame mount.The more complex the set-up the more you'll work on it.Good luck, have patience and fun.
    A Honda, Tanaka, or Robin Subaru well take care of will wear out your a.s.s. before it wears out, if you're kind to it.Rag it out and it'll last no longer than a cheapo China Girl.
  4. wheelbender6

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    In a dry climate like yours, a thatsdax friction kit should do well. It costs a bit more than an in-frame china girl motor, but installs easier and you don't have to fiddle with chain alignment and interference problems. My favorite part of riding my motorized bike is passing the crowded bus stops. I hate waiting for the bus.
  5. darwin

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    You have enough ammo decide Son,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck.
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    The tires are thin. There's no suspension. The brakes are rim-grab (rather than discs). But yes, it's cheap, light, and the wheels have a large diameter.

    The people selling stuff will recommend themselves. Find a thread about a successful purchase. And just because someone is in this group (or another) doesn't mean they are trustworthy. I got ripped off on my first purchase of something (batteries for an ebike) form an ES member, Guitarboy (or some spelling like that) in Kansas City .

    No. You can remove a motor, of course. You can put it on a different bike too. Electric hub motors are the easiest to switch from one bike to another.

    E-motors are very reliable if not pushed beyond the specs. "With proper maintenance", a 4 stroke will last beyond the bike it's on. A 2 stroke will die sooner, but it will still last.
    A better question is what is the mean time between failures? Now, that's a tough one. These things break all the time.
  7. LR Jerry

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    I personally use Staton Inc. You'll have to get rid of that fixie hub or have a freewheel in your peddle crank. KC Kruiser's is located in your state, if you want to order from him.
  8. darwin

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    OP theres a dax f/d kit for sale in the for sale section. Owner said he'd consider selling it separate from the motor. Might get a good deal on it. Bigblue is the one selling it.