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    Hello everyone

    my name is D

    im new to this kind of thing, but not the two separately. i am an avid gear head, i build honda cars, and i am a freak over Crown Victorias, the best car on the planet. and i have always loved bike riding. anyways, im having to get rid of my Crown Vic, cause im saving up for my wedding, and my to be wife has a nice gas sipping civic. so i talked her into it being ok to get one of these kits. and i have to have something that makes noise and ****es off the neighbors with the intention of making my life that much shorter.

    i had gotten an old cannondale for free, and traded it straight across for this RAW MOTORS USA kit, to my surprise it was not complete. but none the less it so far its looking good...its all free

    the bike that its going on is going to be a GIANT BOULDER SE. the frame is larger than the studs, so that is one of the things needing to be addressed. both down tube and frame posts are larger than the stud width. knowing what to get would be good.

    now the motor has never ban ran before and still has the coating of oil in the cylinder. but the carb has some what looks to be calcium build up inside of it, i used a dremel with a bushy scotch brite pad looking thing. fixed it to my best knowing.

    not knowing if i should just go with it, or do an upgraded CNS carb, cause i wanna get speed but still provide enough oil at high rpms.

    the throttle grip is trashed, and both the cables to operate the motor are a little sandy feeing when you actuate the cables, but they do work.

    i also like the idea of being able to have gears how ever you can do that.

    also any really worth it performance upgrades that are really worth it, exaust boost tank, ETC.

    anyways thanks for reading. HELP and have a great day


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    well this is eventfull. is anyone on this site
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    Well Alpha, when I read how you want to annoy your neighbors, my first thought was "Don't reply- maybe this guy will find another hobby that will not give the rest of us a bad name".
    But my 2 cents is, have real good brakes, wear a helmet, ride and look safe- you are the flea on the road. Imagine everyone else is drunk and near blind.
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    oh....i guess i didnt emphasize the sarcasm well enough. the other forum im part of, we all have a sarcasm about most things. life is to short to be that serious.

    i not serous about making noise and such. if anyone watches top gear, thats the kind of sarcasm that passes through my day all day. i really am just looking for help with the questions that i asked.

    like i said, im selling my beloved car to make sure my wife to be has the wedding she wants, and she agreed to let me get a motor of some kind cause i cant live without moter to play with.